10 People Die at Oregon Community College : A Gunman Opens Fire

10 People Die at Oregon community college

In a horrifying incident, a 20 year old gunman opened fire at a rural Oregon community college Thursday, killing at least 13 people. He was killed in the police shootout. The authorities said that they are still investigating the motive of the shooter.

The shooter invaded Umpqua Community College in the small timber town of Roseburg, about 180 miles south of Portland and opened fire. It has been reported that the shooter asked about the victims religion before he started shooting.

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin said that 10 people were dead and seven wounded after the attack. People of the community are shocked after this incident and demand state to combat gun violence by cracking down on convicted criminals found with guns.

US president Barack Obama talking to reporters said that people have become numb to these mass shooting and the people doing this has sickness in their minds. The President reiterated his support for tighter gun-control measures. He said that getting a hands on arms shouldn’t be this easy.

Since the 1990s, debates regarding firearm availability and gun violence in the US have been characterized by concerns about the right to bear arms. In 1791, the United States adopted the Second Amendment, and in 1868 adopted the Fourteenth Amendment. The effect of those two amendments on gun politics was the subject of landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions in 2008 and 2010, that upheld the right for individuals to possess guns for self-defense.

People from all walks of life across the world have expressed their shock over Oregon shooting. Hollywood stars through twitter expressed their feelings and support to the families of the victims.



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