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This guest post is written by Mahesh Dabade of TechLila blog.

So, we have come past the middle of 2016! So far, we have seen the launch of several different services, products, devices and technologies. Let that be from Apple or Alphabet, almost every tech giant had something bigger to offer.

If we are to talk about technologies in use, there is a bunch such as USB Type C. In short, we can say that Technology has been through an incredibly dramatic turn this year.

Summing up the major development we observed in the 7 months of 2016, we can find a few trends that have grown widely in this year.

Tech Trends of 2016

In this article, we will talk about the best 10 Tech trends that have grown in 2016. We are actually looking forward into these technologies, hoping that they can change our worlds.

Let’s see what they are:

#1 Internet of Things and Smarter Homes

2016 has seen the extensive growth of Internet of Things. Unlike the previous years, IoT made it to our common lives. It’s due to several services and products out there, people find it easy to manage their lives.

For instance, you can turn on the home Air Conditioner before a few minutes so that it would be cool when you are home. Similarly, you can set triggers & actions to automate your life like never before.

In other words, we are getting smarter homes without the having to think much. Nest Thermostat, Smart LEDs, Amazon Echo, Google Home etc are indeed the prominent outputs in the field of IoT.

And, even some traditional services are trying to make their presence in Internet of Things —by bridging the gap between the digital and non-digital life.

#2 Virtual Reality

We have had enough stuff to experience from Reality. Now, it’s time to go to the Virtual aspect of Reality. It allows you to experience the ‘real’ even when you are sitting on your couch. This is done through the rendering techniques and Virtual Reality Headsets that are made available.

As you know, several manufacturers had come up with dedicated VR Headsets, along with flagship devices. And, then, there are standalone projects like Oculus Rift.

In current scenario, a variety of things — from Architectural designs to Pornography — are available in the Virtual Reality form.

The best part of VR in 2016 is that the technology became a lot more common than expected. As you know, VR was widely used for professional needs earlier, but now, it’s accessible to everyone.

#3 Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services had seen an exponential growth in the past months of 2016. It needs to be noted at the same time that cyber threats have increased in the past few years.

So, it is necessary for enterprises to make use of cybersecurity. In light of the fact that most enterprises have turned digital, Enterprise Cyber Security is also held prominent in the long run.

For instance, if there are some attacks on the company servers or something, it’s like destroying a company completely. What’s more, there are dedicated companies that can provide top-notch cyber security for products and services. It’s like having an extra layer of safety and confidence.

In 2016, we have seen different enterprises flowing magically into hands of Cybersecurity Services around.

#4 Wearable Technology

Years before, wearing something ‘Smart’ was out of the question. In 2014 and 2015, we saw a few inventions that will let us wear devices instead of handling them. For instance, there was a few Smart Watches and bands.

However, by the start of 2016, Wearable Technology took a dramatic turn. We did see Apple Watch, Xiaomi Band, FitBit and a few other devices that make sense. These devices were actually offering in-depth integration with our life, body and the other devices.

As it is popular, Apple Watch was something that made you look onto your wrist rather than taking out the iPhone. At the same time, there are open Wearable projects like Android Wear.

#5 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Gone are the days of normal Intelligence. This year was about the growth of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Instead of giving a set of commands, AI has allowed digital devices to learn and act accordingly.

For instance, Google Now or Siri can learn about your common food habits in a span of a few days or months. Not just that, the digital products are also meant to Think and Act.

Another example of Artificial Intelligence we can see is in the case of Google Search. The tech giant has brought adaptive algorithms and techniques to help you find the best results. So, instead of analyzing keywords, Google Search is now giving importance to entities and what is being talked about.

In short, we had seen the tremendous growth of AI and Machine Learning in the past months of 2016. And, it’s pretty clear that the trend would continue in the time to come. If you are still wondering, make sure that you watch Ex Machina.

#6 Better Automation

Automation was the key of Digital Life in 2016. It’s a fact that people want their lives to become easy. They don’t want to upload the same thing into two different locations.

Similarly, they don’t want to involve in step-by-step action. That is why we saw an incredible popularity in the section of Digital Automation. This trend actually needs to be read along with the growth of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It’s so because Automation is done through the clear analysis and processing of user-inputs.

And, most of Digital Assistants are now coming with support for Automation-based tasks and actions. For instance, your home LED Bulb will automatically turn on when you enter into the room. Does that not sound awesome?

#7 Augmented Reality and Games

We have not actually come out of the hype created by Pokémon Go and the related happenings. As you know, the game is meant to bring the game characters into the real life.

And, it made use of Augmented Reality techniques to get the job done. And, as you know, people were struggling hard to find Pikachu and find other valuable Pokémon.

So, the growth of Augmented Reality has become prominent in 2016 and will definitely grow in the upcoming months.

According to several rumours, many developers have started their efforts to integrate Augmented Reality elements into the gameplay. In the few years or so, you can see the opponent in front of you and start gaming with the ‘real’ feel.

#8 Consumer Privacy Protection

In 2016, we saw people being more conscious about privacy and security. One reason is the revelations made about NSA and several other surveillance programs. Following these, there was a sudden urge to make sure that people are safe in web and other digital spheres. We saw, for example, many alternatives that propagated the notions of privacy.

In fact, it is possible to find a privacy-friendly alternative for every service. At the best case, you can find DuckDuckGo as the privacy-friendly alternative to Google and other prominent search engines.

Due to this tech trend, we are seeing a huge number of services and solutions that try to protect privacy and security of users.

#9 Live Streaming

Live Streaming is indeed one of the major popular stuff we saw in 2016. Obviously, Live Streaming may have its origins years back.

However, it was in 2016 that Live Streaming became accessible for the common man around. We are not talking of those dedicated Live Streaming options and all. On the other hand, Facebook and other services had launched support for better live streaming.

There are several contextual tech trends to be read along with this. For instance, people now have a better internet connection with them.

With the launch of 4G LTE and Fiber Optics cables, it takes fractions of seconds to stream video content across the globe. Secondly, digital devices have become the common companions of everyone. And, it is pretty awesome to stream something when you have devices at your disposal.

#10 Cloud, Games and Collaboration

Collaborative aspects of Cloud Computing were quite prominent in 2016 so far. Currently, users are depending on Cloud for a variety of purposes. Let that be about playing multiplayer games or editing a document, cloud is there to help you with that. This was indeed something stood apart in the tech coverage of 2016.

Summing Up

So, these are the major tech trends that have grown in 2016. We don’t mean that there are no other trends. However, we found these trends to be much prominent from the user-aspect. For instance, Home Automation and Cloud Collaboration are indeed something worth waiting for.



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