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1/3 Youth is a Cyber Crime Victim

Cyber Crime Victim
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Cyber bullying is cyber crime and according to Opinium Research, one-third of the youth is a cyber crime victim.

Social media encourages negative emotions. According to the report, 10% of the social media users in the UK receive insulting or abusive messages online. One in five people participating in the survey says they know someone who is a cyber crime victim.

Between the age group of 18-34 old, one in six people say they have received offensive material and one in ten people have been trolled online.

Moreover, the study shows that among the all social media users, 18% have been tagged in photos which they didn’t want to be uploaded in the first place and the number is 31% between the 18-34 year old population.

James Sweatman, the Sr. Research Manager and Technology Head at the Opinium Research said:

The explosion of social media platforms has been one of the most remarkable developments to come out of the Internet. Although there are many positives, it does seem that social media can also be hub for bullying and anxiety for many. The fact these negative trends seem most prevalent amongst younger social media users suggests that those who have grown up using social media need to be reminded that although so many of our interactions now take place in a virtual world, the feelings they inspire are all too real.

If you’re a cyber crime victim, do take proper legal course.



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