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Menopause Years
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Menopause is a stage of life that women approach with dread.

If there were a way, you would probably just skip it.

I mean, what would be better than you never having to experience those hot flashes, sweat nights, mood swings, weight gain and sometimes joint pains for fourteen long years?

Unfortunately, there is no escape route, and you have to brave this storm for the 14 years it runs. However, you do not have to suffer all those symptoms helplessly.

It is because you can only incorporate these routines into your life to make your menopause time a walk in the park.

#1 Supplements for Menopause

These are products made from natural foods that help eradicate the symptoms of menopause. Now, there are a myriad of these products in the market with each specially made to deal with an individual symptom.

For instance, supplements rich in vitamin E will go a long way in the reduction of hot flashes while vitamin B supplements will kill those mood swings.

Basically, with the correct supplements for menopause, you will be able to ward off most symptoms pestering you and hence, you will be able to sail through seamlessly.

#2 Exercise Regularly

If there is something that has numerous benefits, then it is exercise. These benefits run across all spheres of life including menopause.

Menopause Years

It is why the American centers for disease control and prevention advice women to incorporate at least three hours of aerobic exercise into their weekly routines.

But, how will exercise ease the symptoms of menopause?

First, it will help you avert the weight gain that is brought forth by the fluctuating estrogen levels in the body by increasing your rate of metabolism.

Secondly, exercise will help kill the hot flushes through the increased flow of blood on the surface of the skin.

Finally, it will help uplift your moods significantly, thus easing those mood swings that are keeping your loved ones away.

Do I need to mention that it will assist in strengthening those bones that menopause is slowly eating? In essence, with regular exercise, your 14 years of misery will have been transformed to 14 years of pure bliss.

#3 Eat Healthy

To sail through menopause seamlessly, you will need to watch what you eat.  Through a healthy diet, you will be able to reduce weight gain which will in return reduce the stress placed on your now fragile bones.

Also, a diet laced with Omega 3 and other healthy fats will help keep your blood pressure in check. It ensures that you are kept hectares away from the danger of heart attacks, which is especially rampant among menopausal women.

It is why experts recommend that you cut down on processed foods and instead eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, proteins and whole grains.

#4 Avoid Stress

During menopause, you are likely to encounter severe insomnia. It can be made worse by any stress or anxieties that you may be undergoing.

Also, stress can make you eat more thus, increasing your weight. It is why you should try out things that will grant you a clear head that will allow you sleep soundly.  You can get a great stress reliever in yoga.

Yoga will also help activate the feel-good hormones in your brain and hence will reduce those emotional bouts and mood swings.

With stress scrapped from the picture and you feeling happy, you will be able to avert insomnia and mood swings that define menopause.

#5 Get Quality Sleep

The importance of sleep cannot be possibly explained entirely. It is especially so during menopause. It is because menopause is one stage that will be marked by excess fatigue and hence you will need lots of relaxation time.

However, quality sleep may become elusive due to the severe hot flushes hitting you and insomnia.  It is why you should engage in activities that will relax your mind enough to allow you sleep.

Also, remember to sleep in a well-ventilated room and loose clothes to avert the hot flushes that may distract your sleep. With these two strategies, you will be able to sleep better and consequently your fatigue will be reduced.


Even though menopause is a mandatory stage for all women, its symptoms are not.  You don’t have to experience all the adverse effects. It is because there are strategies that you can use to avert these symptoms.

With the incorporation of regular exercise, proper diet, better sleep, no stress and menopausal supplements, you will be able to reduce the mood swings, hot flushes, fatigue and weight gain drastically.

It will, in turn, ensure your menopause years are free of any significant symptoms that can make it miserable.

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