Review: – A Legitimate Freelance Academic Writing Portal Online is an online freelance jobs site for those who are interested in academic writing. Here you get to assist students in their subject assignments. However, you may have seen online that academic writing help is considered unethical because the writers help the students to “cheat”, let’s clarify this first.


Is Academic Writing Unethical?

Some would say it is unethical because the academic writer is basically helping the student to “cheat” in their assignments by writing them custom papers.

For a while, I thought the same too but my experience tells me that it is not about aiding students to “cheat”. Academic writing help is more about helping a student to “write” better.

The education system is such that even when the student knows the subject in-depth but the student cannot explain it properly because the writing style is poor, no examiner would give the student marks for that knowledge, they all want to see that knowledge written in flawless style on the paper.

Here is whether academic writers come in. The academic writers “help” students to write better.

Who am I to review

I am also a freelance academic writer who does selective academic writing, that is, I help those students who already know what to write but needs my help in articulating it. That way I don’t help students to “cheat”, which is the popular opinion of academic writers. Positive Aspects:

1) is a legitimate academic writing company. I can say this because I have been associated with more than 10 academic freelance companies in the past and only two were legitimate; one is (Dublin-based) and the other is Prospect Solutions (UK-based).

[Read this detailed review about a spam academic writing company and stay away from it]

2) always pay. Their payment period is from the 16-20 of every month. Your account must have $100 to get payment.

If you are regular with the work, managing $100 is a week’s work.

3) The registration process is tough – you have to show the scanned copy of highest qualification level attained, have thorough knowledge of citation styles like Oxford, Harvard and MLA, and finally, give a written test.

4) Unlike the monstrous support system of other academic help companies, the support staff here is very soft-spoken, understanding and supportive to the writers – another feature you won’t see in other academic help companies, except for Prospect Solutions.

Further, the support staff is very approachable. You can communicate with them anytime over phone or email.

A while back, a student tried to apply false plagiarism charge on me. I wrote a paper for him in December but the plagiarism he was showing was September dated. I pointed out the same to WriterBay and they promptly supported my stand, which would never have happened with other academic freelance companies like Essay Writers and Freelance Careers.

5) They have a writer affiliate system. Display their banner on your blog, if any, and get 3% commissions every time your affiliates earn from WriterBay. Negative Aspects:

1) I don’t know the main reason but academic writing companies shy away from divulging their company details and the person running it. On their website, it says WriterBay is owned by Marketing Web Technologies LTD, Ireland. On Google search, I didn’t see any company by this name or perhaps, they don’t have a website of this name yet.

2) They seem to prefer those writers who are always online on their system. They use the Zopim chat feature to directly contact writers and offer them projects, which means that if you are not online but more suited for that assignment, you lose the assignment.

3) Since WriterBay is new, they are not getting much workflow but they are hiring writers.


1) It will be way better if website founder details and/or company details are posted online. This will give WriterBay more credibility over others. Even prestigious freelance marketplaces like Elance and oDesk have an academic writing segment, so why fear?

2) It will be better if writers are contacted directly only when the assignment is urgent and there is nobody else around; otherwise, academic writers will begin to call this bias.

3) The proportion of academic writers and assignments should be balanced. High number of writers and low number of assignments will be disastrous; you may lose good writers.

Am I writing for

YES, I am but not as often as I did before because of other work commitments.

Have you worked with before? What is your opinion?


48 thoughts on “Review: – A Legitimate Freelance Academic Writing Portal Online”



  2. puneet says:

    Hi Chitraparna,

    I have actually mailed at your outlook account that is mentioned in the year old replies. Please take a look at it. It has some personal questions i wanted to ask re writing.
    Many thanks

  3. Natasha says:

    Can somebody please tell me if 4writers is a legitimate company? I am already writing for Writerbay and I am very satisfied with them.
    Best regards,

    1. Chitraparna says:

      I haven’t heard about 4writers before so cannot say anything on it. Have you tried searching for its reviews online?

  4. Norbert Yap says:

    I have been working for Writerbay for three years now… I have no issues with them in terms of work distribution and payments.. this is one company that the I have chosen to stay with despite hundreds out there that offers the same opportunity.. what makes writerbay the best in my opinion is the fact that they considered me for the job despite lacking a degree, they trust in people’s capability and they are very lenient.. I often go over the deadline but, hey it doesn’t matter as long as you deliver excellent product.. It is now my bread and butter.. I was able to send my kids to private school because of the opportunity that writerbay gave me…

    1. Amanda says:

      Hi. how are you? Is it possible to receive more information from you about Writerbay. I just signed up with them in the month of December 2013, and I am pleased to hear your story about them. Thank you so much in advanced,


  5. nicolas lee says:

    which sites can one join for freelance writting

  6. xanzee says:

    Hi Chitra,

    I find your site very interesting. Actually I’m searching for writerbay reviews and just come across at your site. I’ve been lately connected in writerbay and I don’t have issue(s) yet. It just that… the workload division is not well distributed so you’re force to applied for a project which is not really your cup of tea. Then, it takes days for you to get the order assigned. I truly agree with your suggestion that they’ll be the one to assigned the order to you. One thing, the payment is very prompt and about the fines issue– yes one time I was deducted for lateness, and I think it’s reasonable.

    So far, I have a great experience at writerbay especially their support team. They are polite and very approachable.

    This is for QAD team at writerbay– I hope they are quick in responding your application, whether you’ll get the job or not.


  7. toughlove says:

    To the writer named Anonymous, December 22, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    Your English grammar, spelling and usage are not good at all. This is not intended to be an insult, but a fact that you need to take realistic account of. The screening process at WriterBay is apparently defective, because your English skills limitations should not have enabled you to work there. Regardless of the number of daily hours you put in or the dedication you felt for the company, it was inevitable that your basic lack of qualification to write exemplary English would reflect in your ability to perform as a professional writer. Seriously consider a different career track, or seek quality remedial help to correct your English usage.

  8. Anonymous says:


    Chitraparna, You had mentioned another academic writing firm – prospect solution in this review.

    I have read several reviews about this firm but none of them were positive. Kindly tell how is your experience with prospect solution. Do they really put penelty for a revision (i read it in the reviews). The pay rates that are mentioned on the website are good but i don’t know if they really care for their writers.

    Waiting for your reply.

    1. Chitraparna says:

      Hi, I did work for Prospect Solution for some time and my experience was wholly positive. I didn’t experience any penalties or review penalty. Those apply if the writer is submitting plagiarized content and secondly, if a paper comes for revision, they do give you time and they charge penalty if you don’t submit the revised paper in the given time.

      Of course, when the same paper comes back for multiple revisions, penalty is applied.

      The reason why I like PP is because its different from the rest. They ask you to write a paper only if you qualify for it. For instance, in other academic writing portals, you could write a paper on biology even if you have engineering degree…but not on PP. Getting my point.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

      ~ Chitra

    2. Anonymous says:

      Greetings Chitra,
      Its good to see you after so many days. Yes,Prospect Solutions pay but not that much as they have mentioned on the website. In addition, they reject the new applicants of no reason, sying that your sample is plagiarized or your writing is poor and so on. There are very rare chances to get a job for new writers at this company. In addition, they are not quick in replying your emails or queries and in case you fail to submit the work even if you had asked them some question, you are fined.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This company needs to be familiarize with the importance of good writers. There is no room of improvement provided by them. I hate them for this reason. They terminated me without caring of the time I was spending on their papers daily (18 hours) and my dedication towards their company. I sware I would be having my own online academic company, better than

    1. Chitraparna says:

      Hi, didn’t they give any reason for suspending your account? Is you payment pending also? Please reply.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Yes, My payment is pending and I am contacting them again and again to make it ASAP. Because you know Christmas is coming up.

      2. Anonymous says:

        What would be the reason. They said your write up is not upto our standards. Wow, my write up was upto their standard in high season but in slow season it is no.
        What a fake reason it is.

      3. Anonymous says:

        Chitraparna, are you writing for them now a days? Have they made your payment? Do you have an idea when would they make the payment?

      4. Chitraparna says:

        I do write for them just sometimes…when I have free hours and as of today, I never ever had any payment problems with them, which is another reason I recommedn them to others. I don’t know they are behaving differently with another writer.

        Aren’t they responding at all to your queries?

      5. Anonymous says:

        Yes, they are. Because a few of their team members are my old friends. So, I never have problem of communication. But I am waiting them to make my payment and hopefully they would.

      6. Chitraparna says:

        I am sure they will clear your payment in the coming payment period. I don’t know where else you’re doing academic writing work but beware of this site…Here is my review –

        For WriterBay, what you can do is ask to show the problem. If the paper is of low quality, I am sure they can prove it by the feedback received on the paper. Isn’t it?

      7. Anonymous says:

        See, I am also working for a number of other academic companies. But I am not much experienced to judge which one is good and which one is fake.
        So far writerbay is concerned, it was my very first experience of working at such a high level. They have not even made my payment of last month. The remaining dues, I know would come in next payment dates. But what about last month’s salary??

      8. Chitraparna says:

        About the payment – would ask you to wait. Once the payment period passes away and you don’t get this month’s money too, contact them. Best would be to CALL them up. They do respond.

      9. Anonymous says:

        I am not having problem in communication as I told you a few of their team members are my old friends.

      10. Anonymous says:

        Hey see sometimes, I cam across such situations when once the clients approves my paper, and after a few minutes writerbay reassign me from the respective case, saying that the client was not satisfied with the paper.
        This has happened to me numerous time.
        What can be the reason for it?

      11. Chitraparna says:

        I have come across the same situation but with another academic company.

        What happened was – the academic paper was approved by the client and later, it came back saying the client has cancelled the paper. Actually, the client “accepted” the paper and passed it on to his university. But the client did not want to pay the academic company and the writer so the client “cancelled” it citing superfluous reasons.

        I think what is happening with you might be somewhat same. If the client cancels it, no academic writing company will pay the writer. Getting my point?

      12. Anonymous says:

        Yes, I have just talked to support. They assured that my problem of payment would be solved on Monday.

      13. Anonymous says:

        Bu how can it possible that once the paper is approved, then suddenly the case is reassigned?
        Another thing which I found bad whike working with them was due to a difference in timings, sometimes it happened that they asked for revision, while here at my side, I was sleeping due to night zone. And when I wake up, I find that I have been fined due to late submission. But in this situation, one of my friends told me that I should inform the support during night that I would not be available to reply back, so I did same and the situation was handled.

      14. Chitraparna says:

        Yes, the time zone poses a problem. I agree with you friend. It happens because the client declines payment. So the academic writing company thinks that the writer did a bad job. hence, payment is cut and the project reassigned. They don’t check the claim of the client because hey, they are paying!!!

      15. Anonymous says:

        Tell me which company I should work with? I have tried writerbay, uvocorp, academia-research,4writers and oany others. But these have proved to be failed for me. Even some of the companies have taken my test sample, and never replied again. Which one is reliable so that I can earn some income to support my family?

      16. Chitraparna says:

        Don’t just depend on academic writing to support your family. Contact me – – with details of your experience – kind of writing you have done and I can surely assist you.

      17. Anonymous says:

        Also please suggest the company which not only is reliable, but also easy to get registered with. I am fed up of writing samples and tests for numerous companies. Please suggest me one which would be appropriate for me to earn some income so that I can support my family.
        Thank you

      18. Anonymous says:

        I know they would clear my dues in a few days. But the only problem is I am highly disappointed with their policies. My papers were good when there was a high season and suddenly they have found errors into my papers when season is off. How unprofessional behavior it is. They must learn themselves to be professional before teaching to the writers.

      19. Anonymous says:

        How are these companies?

        I mean are these reliable?

      20. Anonymous says:

        Dear friend Chitraparna, I had sent you an email yesterday night. You did not reply back…?

      21. Chitraparna says:

        Yes I did get it. I will reply on Monday. No work today :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Chitraparna, I also was a writer at, but they terminated me after getting work done in the on season. I was working about 18 hours daily for this company, never rejecting any team member’s request of undertaking urgent assignments. But how foolish that the company management was still not satisfied with my work. Whatever they asked me to do, I did and see what the hell I have got from them–a termination letter.

  11. Glen Holmes says:

    I have written a number of items for WriterBay clients and I have now withdrawn from doing anything further as I feel they are more concerned about things other than their writers to the point I felt that I was being taken advantage of. Although they advertise up to $20 per page I have never seen anything better than $11.++ per page and in order to achieve that would require much work time per page. In the end I found that I was working for mere cents per page and felt I could make better use of my time.

    1. Chitraparna says:

      I completely agree with you :)

      1. Anonymous says:

        Any better companies to work with?

      2. Chitraparna says:

        Contact me – – with details of your experience – kind of writing you have done and I can surely assist you.

    2. xanzee says:

      I agree with you.

  12. James says:

    I suggest you reduce the minimal amount required to withdraw money worked for to 40 dollars. Or rather, increase the frequency with which you assign assignments to writers. Try and have every writer have at least one assignment per day.

    1. Well..this is a good suggestion. I hope their admin reads this.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Well, you might see that I was not having any day off during my work with them. But I got a termination letter in return to my hard work.
        No problem, hopping for a best chance in near future INSHALLAH :)

      2. Anonymous says:

        Hello there,
        You did not get back to me :(

      3. Chitraparna says:

        I did that day only. Check your email. I sent some sites where you can sign up.

      4. Anonymous says:

        I did not get any email from your side. Please do me a favor and resend. :)

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