$500 for Publishing Guest Blogs! No Thanks.

Guest blogs or guest blogging, as we know, is a blogger’s favorite marketing strategy but off late, something is going wrong!


Are Blog Owners Charging for Publishing Guest Blogs?

In the past one month, this is the 6th time a blog owner has asked upfront payment from me to publish my guest post on their blog. Some were authority blogs and some were not. I had heard of paid guest blogging before but coming face-to-face with it has been a eye opening experience.  Here is a screenshot of one such proposal:

I won’t divulge any names but as you can clearly see, this person is asking $500 for the guest blog + $100 per link. Then there is another blog asking for $25 per link for commercial websites mentioned on the guest post.


Are Paid Guest Blogs a New Trend? 

I certainly hope not.

I am sure that there are many other guest bloggers out there who have experienced the same. If this is going to be a new trend, I think it will be highly detrimental to the whole purpose of guest blogging.

Forget about link building, guest blogging is one of the best ways to come across new readers and direct them to your own blog; but if blog owners start to charge for them, what’s the scope of guest blogging in future!


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Paid Guest Blogs are Wrong!

As a blog owner myself, I can clearly outline some of the immediate and not so immediate negative repercussions of paid guest blogging. Here are some:

1) Compromising with Blog Quality

If guest bloggers start to pay blog owners for publishing their post, sooner or later, the quality of content is bound to suffer because editors / blog owners may begin to favor the monetary gain involved rather than the real quality of the blog post.

The art of writing will be seriously in jeopardy. Soon there will be a time when guest bloggers will be queuing in a long line of prospective guest bloggers, haggling over few dollars to get their words published. It will really be a sorry state of affairs then!

2) No Opportunity to Those Who Can’t Pay

Guest bloggers who can’t pay to get the content published will be unfairly weeded out from the game. They maybe really skilled and experienced writers but because they don’t have any money, they cannot get paid.

I cannot resist drawing analogy with the print publishing world. We all know how many upcoming authors have to pay the publishers to print their book or go into self-publishing. Guest blogging might be heading for the same direction.

Of course, big shot media companies can afford to pay blog owners but it will be very unethical on their part.

3) Another Google Update?

Who knows, Google may decide to do another algorithm tweaking and decide to de-index the blogs which are publishing paid guest blogs because of their quality issues and/or devalue the back links from such blogs because they will come under the category of “paid links”.

Therefore, even if a guest blogger pays a blog owner $500 to publish content + desirous link, where is the guarantee that the guest blogger will get any benefit from that investment? NONE.

Guest blogging is one of the best methods that bloggers have to get new traffic, subscribers and readers. Do you want to spoil it by paying or asking money for guest blogs?



Paid guest blogging is definitely a big no-no for me. I never entertained such blogs before and neither will I do so in future. What do you want to do?

Will you charge for guest blogs?

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  1. PrIyAnGsHu @ Finance Blog

    Yes, I do agree with you. We must start charging for guest posts, as we are giving away dofollow links with the posts, which can decrease our site’s link juice and we may become victims of those scary Google algo updates, as well.

  2. Tony.B aka Mission0ps

    Geez some peeps certainly have a cheek. $500 .. the belly laugh came when I read you can’t exceed 5 links ! which dumbo will pay $800 for a “guest post” why not just call it what it is .. a pay to post game.

    Guest blogging is popular because it’s free and a win win for both parties involved. The minute you start paying it goes belly up.

    As you say, what happens when the get a Google slap? you’ve lost you poorly thought out investment.

    But think about it some will pay that much for a single link on some blogs so… horses for course I suppose.

  3. Chitraparna, I agree that is too much to ask for a guest post. However, I’ve had experiences where agencies and advertisers who pose as guest writers and do product review and promotional reviews and submit them as guest posts.

    Now, these are companies that are making thousands of dollars in advertising revenue and are getting the work done for free.

    For all the effort you put In, I believe that you need to charge people a fee is the post is being a review of their product, or being promotional in nature.

    • Eddie, I agree that companies should not post reviews / promotional posts as “guest blogs” as it won’t be fair to the blog owner. However, in other instances, the blog owner should not charge for guest posts.

  4. 500 bucks is ridiculous… I can’t believe some authors are actually charging writers to guest post on their blogs. I run a paid guest post blog also, but I pay my writers for their best content, not the other way around. Great post Chitraparna, certainly opened up my eyes.

  5. Now a days most of the people are commercially oriented. They need money. That’s why they asks for money. I don’t think it is not a practice. If they want they can ask. But the decision is always yours, if you don’t want you can neglect it.

  6. Certainly not! I would definitely not want that! Well paying 500 USD just to get a back-link is not at all required. And if this becomes a trend i am sure Google will surely start looking into the matter and we may have to see another Google algorithm after Panda and Penguin!

  7. Ohhhh myyyyy godddd! I can’t believe this. $500? For an article? Pfft!

    You know what I have in my rules. I don’t charge for guest post, you know that. But I have a strict rule that the post should not contain any COMMERCIAL link (where readers are asked for money in exchange of a product or a service).

    If there is a commercial link in the article then it means it is an ADVERTISEMENT. And I can of course charge for it if I want (of course the article should be useful).

    But someone offering guest post, and asking for $500 in the reply is completely ridiculous. He/she could have said respectfully that they charge for guest posts. But not directly asking for money in the reply.

    Chitra, what did you reply?

  8. I totally agree with your approach Chitraparna. Most bloggers welcome guest posts that offer good, insightful and informative articles. It is a fair exchange. You offer content of high quality and you save them time to write or order articles. You receive credit by getting one or two voluntary links. Having to pay for this is unacceptable. Thankfully, the vast majority of bloggers welcome guest posts free of charge. This is how it should be. I would totally ignore bloggers who want money for publishing my articles. It is an offence!

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