OneAll Review – A Social Media Revolution?

OneAll Review
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If you're looking for an effective way to increase blog subscribers through social media, OneAll review is recommended as a must-read.

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This generation of entrepreneurs breathes social media; and OneAll promises many new things.

This is a lot of information on the site but this one line got me interested –

With our ready-made plugins you can easily integrate social services like Facebook, PayPal, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare with your already-existing website.

In other words, their social login feature will allow users to login into YOUR website and use it. The software will collect data and you can use it to maximize your website revenue model.

As I do with every review, instead of glorifying a product or service, let me just run you through’s features as in how it really works and how it will help you and me.

OneAll Review – Use in Social Media

(1) First, I created a free ‘Personal’ account with Facebook.

OneAll Review | Create a Free Account

(2) In the next step, you are asked to create a ‘Site’. This ‘site’ is not a website or a blog but, as they say, a ‘container’ that will hold all social media details and statistics.

Here, you need to use the site as a sub-domain. See the screenshot below.

Create a New Site

(3) Once this is done, they will give you a plugin to install on your website. Note that there are three kinds of options available –

  • Social Login Wizard
  • Social Link Wizard
  • Social Sharing Wizard

The plugins work on various platforms (phpBB, Drupal, Joomla & many more) & for my blog; I choose WordPress plugin and tried out 2 of the options above.

With Social Sharing Wizard, I got this on the widget sidebar–

Social Sharing Wizard

With Social Login Wizard, I got this –

Social Login Wizard

Important – I found the Social Login Wizard to be very powerful because it will allow you to collect user information, thus, increasing your list of subscribers. Isn’t that wonderful?

Note – If you want more information on Drupal set up, check out Drupal Social Login network.

If you are like me with no coding / technical knowledge, you need not worry at all. Just keep on following the instructions – this is important.

Every step is written very clearly on their website.

OneAll Review – Increase Social Media Subscribers

On using the Social Login Wizard, two things happened:

(1) The plugin embedded with the login page a new set of icons to login to the blog.

(2) I realized this will be a wonderful way to get new social media subscribers and increase my blog’s ROI significantly.

This is the new registration page –

Registration Page

& when I did setup the Twitter account, I got this.

Twitter Sync

I became a new registered user of my own blog. Finally, to check whether is really collecting the data or not, I checked the user dashboard and it was just working perfectly!

Registered Users


Firstly, this social media product is unique for its universality. A blogger, a small business, a corporation, a non-profit organization – anyone can use it.

Secondly, it is easy to setup even if it requires a bit of time. It works on any site platform and links with the topmost popular network.

Thirdly, it helps you to increase site subscription – most important, according to me!

There are many more features of this awesome social media service & I can just go on and on about this BUT I would like you to check this social media wonder ASAP.

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  1. All this social login apps are so hard to set up and running. I guess the social networks should gather and release a single one everybody would trust and easy to implement too.

  2. Without social media integration web empire is nothing and with OneAll connecting to social media is so damn easy.

    I am going to use it for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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