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+Chitraparna Sinha is the founder of SocialVani where she is building a useful resource for small business entrepreneurs and assisting clients in start-up blogging and building eCommerce ventures.


  1. I was using dlvr.it for sharing my blog posts to all my social media profiles, never noticed about promoted stories. Gonna try this right now. Thanks for the info Mam.

  2. Wow Seems interesting let me give it a try as soon I am gonna start unlimited web hosting giveaway so thank you for sharing :)

  3. At present, I use dlvr.it free service to deliver my posts to social networks. Never knew that there was a paid service, that too this much cheap :-D will try it soon. Thanks :-)

  4. Hey Chitraparna,

    Very good case study, How many entries you got with that traffic? Have you tracked it ?

    Let me know more about it


    • Yes, I did Suresh. There were about 95 entries. I know the numbers are less but I used Dlvr.it near the giveaway’s ending so the leverage was not so high.

      Have you tried it?

      ~ Chitra

      • I just using the normal version of the DLVR.it , one thing i observed it MAXCDN are not known for anyone only webmasters, app developers geeks knows about it. Might be your traffic has no clue about the giveaway that maybe the reason for low conversions too.

        Good out of box thinking i can say :)

  5. in this days content and social sharing is most important part for internet marketing and getting traffic. so, this dlvr.it is also good option for bloggers. so, thanks chitraparna to provide us one better option.

  6. Thanks for introducing this awesome service to me.
    $1 or even $30 for that amount of traffic is better than spending it on Press Release where traffic isn’t guaranteed.
    Will give it a try soon.

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