CPMGO Review – A New CPC, CPM & CPV Ad Network

CPMGO.com Review
  • Geographical Targeting
  • Minimum Payment Threshold
  • Multiple Ad Formats
  • Traffic Quality


The CPMGO.com review introduces you to yet another ad network connecting advertisers and publishers to make optimum use of incoming traffic.

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CPMGO.com is a new ad network on the horizon. Let’s see if its here to stay or will vanish into thin air.

The ad network started in January 2013 so let’s not reach a verdict right now and allow the business model few months to perform.

Here’s an unbiased CPMGO.com review.

CPMGO Review for Advertisers

The advertisers have access to CPM, CPC and CPV ad models and their minimum pricing are $0.10 CPM, $0.05 CPC and $0.002 CPV.

A minimum commitment of $10 is mandatory and as an advertiser, you get to see the networks displaying your ads as well as the statistics. CPMGO.com ad network updates the campaign statistics every 2-3 hours.

CPMGO.com Review

Advertisers can belong to any country and all the campaigns are approved within 24 hours.

Some other advantages are:

  • Geographical targeting of campaigns.
  • Targeted market segmentation.
  • Innovative and comprehensive ad management by dedicated account managers.
  • Brand-safe ad placements.

CPMGO Review for Publishers

We bloggers know how difficult it is to earn from such ad networks. While some vanish after few months, yet others have such a low pay rate that it doesn’t merit all the trouble.

As I reviewed their ad network, I found the following advantages:

  • Ad publishers receive 75% of the ad money.
  • The earnings are paid daily via PayPal. Minimum threshold is $5.
  • There are no minimum traffic or PR requirements for approval. Anyone can sign up.
  • They pay RAW, that is, for all clicks and impressions.
  • The statistics are updated every 2-3 hours so you know how much you are earning.
  • The ad units offered are Leaderboard, Wide Skyscraper, Medium Rectangle and Popups.
  • Publishers can show a maximum of 3 ads per page.

Both the advertisers and publishers receive 24 x 7 customer support.

Right now, I don’t have any negative thing to highlight because the network is very new.

If you come across anything, do share your CPMGO.com review.

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  1. I am advertiser, and very bad CTR for advertiser. I get only 20 clicks in 3 days, and 50.000+ impressions. I don’t recommend for advertising.

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