Guest Blogging SOS – 3 Real Ways to Increase Acceptance & Escalate Authority Building Process

It’s damn hard to be a successful in guest blogging.

We also know how guest blogging is really one of the best ways to not only increase blog traffic and back links but also to establish a blog as an ‘authority figure’. Many bloggers outsource the guest blogging process these days and there are some who don’t.

Whatever is the intention of your guest blogging efforts, the number of rejections are usually high. For instance, not everyone can get published on Search Engine Journal or Hongkiat. In this blog piece, I will highlight 3 ways to improve guest blog acceptance numbers drastically.

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Guest Blogging SOS – 3 Awesome Ways


1. Do not use Guest Blogging Templates

Okay, most of us have heard how you found our blog and loved it. For a moment, we may even revel in its glory but when we receive 10-15 guest blogging requests with the exact words, we become cynical.

Why? We come to realize that you are not a real guest blogger. A real guest blogger will make the effort to send a personalized email and not follow a template.

Here’s a typical example of a template which I always get and royally send to the ‘Trash’ folder:

Idiotic Guest Blogging Effort _ 1

Another example:

Idiotic Guest Blogging Effort _ 2

These are classic examples of real dumbness. Even if you are guest blogging on behalf of some agency, do some research and send a real proposal.


2. Do Not Send a Pre-Written Post

While some guest blog seekers want you to send a pre-written post, other don’t. Therefore, there is no point is sending something which is most likely to be rejected anyhow.

Before pitching for a guest blogging opportunity, read the guidelines. It is a must. Read what the webmaster is really expecting from a guest blogger. The best way is to pitch an idea.

The idea has to gel with the overall theme of the blog; otherwise, why would it be accepted?


3. Use Real Name for Guest Blogging Authority

Just imagine –

A person called “Jonathan Selby” emails you. Everything goes well and you really like the guest post. When you reach the bio, it says “This is written by Jack Dawson, a blogger and entrepreneur at”.

You, the webmaster, will definitely think it is a fake blogger or someone building back links. While there is no problem with building back links, giving different names comes across as a big charade.

Secondly, this strategy won’t help the guest blogger to build authority. Just imagine I want to guest blog for SocialVani and instead of using my own name, I say “Sonia is the owner and blogger for” – this won’t help me build blog authority. This will instead show me as a scammer.


Pro Tip:

Apart from these 3 ways, you need to present a really awesome, awesome and awesome guest blogging piece to warrant acceptance.

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