3 Secrets to Small Business Social Media Success

Creating and maintaining an adequate, consistent presence on social media platforms is the key to success for small businesses. With traditional marketing techniques, such as newspaper advertising, TV or radio commercials and street advertising gradually losing their popularity, conquering the online space should offer a solid advantage over the competitors and open new opportunities and new potential “audiences” for your products and services.

Small business start-ups that hesitate to explore the powerful world of social media platforms miss out on so many opportunities because they fail to communicate efficiently with users, who are potential clients, and fail to engage in a meaningful way that symbolizes care and attention for their customers.

However, creating and preserving an effective social media presence requires the implementation of a few simple techniques and strategies. Here are three simple secrets to small business social media success.

  • Choose Your Target Audience And Social Media Strategy Carefully

Not all social media platforms are the same.

Although the idea of sharing, communicating and interacting is common to virtually all social media platforms, the tools and the representations may be different, which translates into targeting different categories of customers. For general Internet marketing purposes, Facebook is a great choice since it has more than 1 billion users. You can adjust the content of your pages and messages to target certain categories of users, and contests or fun product themed videos or articles can result in more followers and potential clients.

Social Media Success

However, you may want to look into other options, depending on the type of your product. If your product is visually appealing and you rely a lot of its visual representation, then establishing a strong presence on Pinterest or Instagram is a great choice. If you own a shop or a restaurant, then interacting with potential customers, and sharing information through Yelp and Foursquare can provide a solid presence in the online space and bring more customers.

  • Engage In Social Media Meaningful Communication

Avoid being too “cold” or formal in your interactions on social media platforms. Customers prefer businesses that respond to their questions and comments in a “warm”, personal and dynamic manner. Make your potential clients feel like they are listened to and cared for, and you will soon discover the power of social media reflected in your business popularity and revenues.

  • Social Media Content Should be Consistent

Although it may be tempting to post different interesting topics, videos and articles on your business page to share it with your followers, consistency of content is key to small business success. If users want to read news or diverse information they can check other pages for such purposes. They are visiting your page for content related to your product, mission or service, so make it relevant to your brand and company, yet try diverse approaches to present these ideas and products in a new light.

These three simple techniques can help any small business to establish a solid presence on social media platforms and engage in meaningful interaction with their followers. Over time, it should inevitably translate into more customers and higher revenues through a better exposure of large audiences to your brand, products or services.

Kathryn Zellers has worked in the web design industry for 10 years. She blogs about SEO, Web Design and Social Media for variety of small business blogs. Click here for a free website builder for your business site & enhance social media presence.

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