8 Main Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Rules

Lots of companies have eased off of email marketing because they do not see the impact of it anymore.

Where they used to make hundreds of direct sales from thousands of email sends, they are now seeing a much smaller conversion rate. This has led many online marketers to think that email marketing is not worth the trouble.

This of course is not true, and here are a few reasons why email marketing still rules.

1) Email marketing is a very direct form of advertising.

There is no middleman and there is no form of barrier between you and the customer. The customer does not need to come to you, to fill out a form, or to answer an advert. All you need to do is click send, and the message is sent from you to the potential client. It is easy, quick, and about as direct as you can expect in these times.

2) It beats try to sell via mail.

If you send your communication by mail then it will take longer and will cost you more money. There is also no guarantee that you will read it. They will see that it is junk mail, and they will throw it straight in the bin. When you do a mail shot you have to design the sales literature, print it, and post it. When you market with email, all you need to do is design your email and then send it. You can use HTML code and online tools and templates to make usable sales emails.

3) You can use email marketing for direct advertising.

Email Marketing

It is still very easy and very possible to send a message to a client and have it come back with a sale. Email marketing will allow you to send a full advert, with all the information needed, and all the calls to action linked to whatever website. You don’t even need to do a direct sell. You can build up your brand with emails, or you can warm customers up for when they see you again in the future. You can lay a little groundwork so that they will be a little more receptive to your typical marketing strategy.

4) You can convert cold leads.

Since an email can be sent as if it were just one big advert, then there is little to stop you from harassing your ex customers and trying to get more sales as a result. There are laws against sending out unsolicited emails, but thousands of people still do it. However, failing that, even if you ticked off a customer, you can send an email back in six months. The customer may have forgotten that you ever angered him/her.

5) Follow up emails are able to convert alone.

When a person makes contact, a follow up or reply email can be used to make the person buy something. It is quite possible for an expert sales person to craft such a good reply via email that the hot lead ends up buying buckets full of stuff.

6) You can send messages to massive amounts of people.

If you have just come up with the best piece of marketing that was ever created, and you want a way of showing off to the people who would be your customers. Do not put it on social media for a bunch of nobodies to see. Get hold of your mail list and send the advert to all of the people who matter to your business.

7) Email marketing is easy to track.

Tracking the results of an email marketing campaign is very easy because you can simply point each campaign to a different URL landing page. You can then track the progress of the landing page, and track whom you sent each email to. There are analytic programs that you can use, but you really do not need to get technical with this one.

All you do is cut your email list into sections. So let’s say that you have four adverts, you cut your email list into four and then send an advert at one per list. The list that you get the most replies from is the most successful.

You can use the links on the emails to track how well the email advert is doing. It is better to build a landing page for each advert so that you can see how well each one did by how many people actually visited.

8) People can read them on phone like a text message

Many people have Smartphones, which means that they can go online very easily, and some people use their email address as their free SMS service. They use their emailing system to read the mail that goes to their inbox. You can use this casual attitude to send marketing messages, as there is a high chance that the message will be read.


Do not write off email marketing so easily. You cannot understand it unless you really use the method.

Question for You

Have you tried email marketing? Why not? If you have, how was the experience?

6 thoughts on “8 Main Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Rules”

  1. this is a good idea to keep in touch with visitors and to promote or to advertise something that could be useful for us in the ways…

  2. Hi Korah….
    In online business there is a great saying – “Money in the List”.
    If you don’t have a great e-mail list of your readers/follower than you are making a great mistake.

    Thanks for sharing a great article.

    1. Hi all,

      of course, the great list is important in every business: in guest blogging, in email marketing, in call-on-marketing …

    2. Chitraparna says:

      Sandeep, being a blogger from India, I am sure there are many Indian subscribers on your list as well…do you think Indians purchase via email marketing promotion? I am looking for a blogger’s perspective here.

  3. Sapna says:

    Hi Korah,

    I haven’t started building the list yet but everywhere I could see the posts realizing me the importance of building the list.

    I think list building will eventually help in email marketing, you have given me food for thought.

    Thanks for this share.


    1. Chitraparna says:

      Hi Sapna

      Welcome to my blog. I hope you will keep visiting :)

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