Step 1: Zeroing on the Niche & Getting the Domain

In the earlier part, I introduced you to the case study. In this part, I will go over the thought process, references and steps I followed to select the niche and domain.

The niche selection procedure mentioned in Pat Flynn’s case study is influential. In short, Flynn’s keyword selection idea is based on:

  • Fears
  • Passions
  • Problems

This is the 777 formula. He chooses 7 of each and then zeroes in on one specific niche. Even though his idea is really good, I had to keep in mind that the niche site I want to create will be India-based and thus, applying personal 7 of each seemed a bit tardy.

For instance, I have a fear of heights but when you search for “fear of heights” in Google AdWords, notice the difference in global and local (India) searches. How many of Indian Internet users will Google their fear of heights? Not many!

Step 1 - 1

Similarly, I followed the trial and error with each personally selected fear, passion and problem. Some didn’t work (like above), some partially did. I wasn’t happy.


What did I do?

I researched the Indian net surfing market. In short, who uses Internet in India? These stood out –

  • Students
  • Food lovers
  • Adults seeking employment
  • Technology lovers
  • Health info seekers


What do they Search for?

  • Students are looking for information about various courses and their importance. They are looking for online study materials, forums to discuss syllabus and assignments, seeking sample assignments and lastly, online or offline tuition’s.
  • Food lovers could be housewives primarily experimenting with recipes. They usually run blogs, not for money but for the sheer joy of exchanging recipes and discussing health.
  • Employable adults without employment are seeking private and government jobs. The demand for government jobs are high. They are looking for government job updates, interview help, ‘how to apply’ information etc. Banking, civil services, engineering, teaching are popular fields.
  • The technology loves fall under the 18 – 30 age group, mainly. They are looking for gadget reviews, best gadget prices, programming jobs. Most of the tech Internet surfers already have a blog that they want to monetize.
  • Health is a big market in India. Health tips, Ayurveda, wellness tips, fitness are some options.


Do any of them have Potential as a Niche?

By potential, I am looking into something that will draw traffic, not heavy traffic but traffic that converts into money. There is difference between the two. Therefore,

  • The student niche does have potential if I can sell them study materials and tuition services.
  • I don’t see much potential in food blogging niche.
  • The employment niche has potential. India has a sizable youth population and thus, there will be an increase in adults seeking employment. This niche could get heavy traffic and can be monetized via ad networks like AdSense and Info Links. A niche membership zone could be created to give members latest update on govt. jobs, paid mock interviews and cracking entrance examinations.
  • Technology, per se, is an over-used niche. I will skip this.
  • The health sector has potential but there is a lot of competition.


Finally, I am going for:

  • Students
  • Adults seeking employment

It is not that these two niches do not have competition. It does, similar to the health sector. However, I would still like to look into these two niches because:

  • I can relate to both these niches, like Pat Flynn suggests.
  • Most of the Indian sites in these niches lack in branding and authority, and this is where I wish to stand apart.

How to Choose the Niche?

Choosing a niche is a HUGE task. This is the foundation.

I used the Long Tail Pro tool to choose the niche. You can read the Long Tail Pro review to familiarize yourself.

As you will see, you need to enter some seed keywords for the tool to work. Keeping in mind the two chosen niches, I selected these seed keywords:

  • Bank PO
  • School Tuition
  • Govt. Jobs in India

Here’s a sample screenshot of the results. Click on the image to expand.

Sample Niche Results

I chose “Bank PO Recruitment” with the following details and got the domain name via Go Daddy.

Niche Selected

The next few months will tell whether this is a right selection or not. I am hoping for the best.

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  1. Chitraparna, Thanks for taking your time to explain the steps to getting a niche domain name. I have never really stressed myself to that rigorous point to get domain names.
    I have always thought about several domain options and then begin to go through the available domains. Now that you’ve shared this, I would take my time next time I want to buy a new domain name.

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