Top 7 Upcoming Bloggers from Nigeria

In the last few months, I have seen a lot of upcoming bloggers from Nigeria. Nigeria is a country in Western Africa.  Therefore, it is fitting to have a post dedicated to the upcoming bloggers and encourage them to contribute more in the blogosphere – Editor’s Note.

New bloggers comes into the field of blogging often. Those new bloggers are called “newbie’s” while there are some who has been into the field for a period of year or more,  they are known as the upcoming bloggers. In this article I would be listing upcoming bloggers from Nigeria in 2013. Please note that the list is not exhaustive. There are many other Nigerian upcoming bloggers and there is no bias in featuring only these seven bloggers.

These 7 upcoming bloggers from Nigeria are bloggers with passion and inspiration. They can be a motivation to you too. Their Twitter or Facebook links will be add below their profile. I hope you will love to get in contact with them.


1) Joseph Josylad Adediji

Joseph Josylad Adediji

Joseph is a well know blogger from the southwest region (Lagos) of Nigeria and he is the founder at is managed by Joseph and his friend, Tojola Bolaji. This site is known to be a great blog for blog developers.

Tojola Bolaji is the co-author of

Joseph can be a motivator to you since he has motivated his friend Tojola Bolaji and also made him the co-author of his blog.

You can Follow him on twitter @Josephadediji.


2) Kingsley Felix

Kingsley Felix

Kingsley is a talented health blogger; Felix is one of the best young health blogger from Nigeria and his site,, is a massive resource for anything to do with health. Are you the kind of person that loves to get information about how to treat your skin or do you need a flexible body? Kingsley covers everything about health on his blog.

You can follow him on twitter @ healthable1.

Feel free to contact him if you need his help.


3) Derek Odum

Derek Odum

Derek is a well known tech blogger from Nigeria; he is the founder at This site is a popular technology website in Nigeria that ranks most in Nigeria. Aside been the founder at he is also a web designer and a freelance writer.

With what Derek does he seems to be a good motivator, if you are still on the same spot since you started blogging you can contact him and he will give you some tutorials that will help you.

You can follow Derek on twitter @Xlimderek.

Feel free to contact him if you have any thing for him, or if you think he will be very helpful for you.


4) Olunkule Moses

Olunkule Moses

Olukule Moses is  a popular writer who has written lot of articles for high potential blogs and upcoming blogs as well. He is also the Editor in charge of a popular tech blog in Nigeria, known as The founder of techatlast has been featured in several big blogs; he is listed among the best technology bloggers. You can follow him on twitter @coolcash4live.

You can also follow Olukule on Facebook @Olumoche.

Olukule Moses can also work for you as a ghost writer or as an Editor; fell free to contact him.


5) Shehu Awwal

Shehu Awwal

Awwal is from the south west region (Ogun) of Nigeria; he is technology geek. Awwal is the owner of Awwaltechnology is a technology site that offers much about technology, this site is a regular updated where you can find information about your favorite gadgets.

While interviewing Awwal, I asked him a question saying, “Who Motivated you into Blogging”? His reply was “Emmanuel Olalere”. I asked him the second question – “will you be glad to motivate others”? He said “Of course yes”.

He is a very amiable and helpful blogger. Newbies can contact him for blogging help.

You can also follow him via twitter @awwal1st.


6) Kingsley Ejike Agu

Kingsley Felix

Kingsley is a freelancer from the southeast region (Anambra) of Nigeria. He has established a freelance blog called the Theweirdproblogger is a fast growing site that teaches freelance bloggers how they can grow their blog and retain clients.

If you are interested in becoming a freelancer, you can get more info about how to start and establish your blog from Kingsley.

You can also follow him via twitter @Ejike_Agu.


7) Arthur Okonkwo

Arthur Okonkwo

Arthur is a young blogger from southeast region (Anambra) of Nigeria. He happens to be a technology blogger that came into the field of blogging to motivate technology fans. He said he isn’t into blogging to make money; all he wants is to share his technology ability with the world which he found blogging as the only means for him to get across to people.

He is the founder at; you can also follow via twitter @Cyberwebkit

If you have that same motive you can also help Arthur.

The bloggers that are listed in this article are the upcoming bloggers for the year 2013.

If you know any other upcoming bloggers from Nigeria, feel free to share with me via comments.

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  1. Yusuf Qudus Oyindamola

    i am an upcoming and ready to learn blogger, i own, i will be glad if u can inbox my email so as to mento me thanks.

  2. Nice list bro.
    I am a newbie and hope to get on your list one day. I love the feelings I am experiencing now just seeing some of my fellow bloggers in Nigeria.
    my blog is
    It’s all about health.
    keep it up bro.
    One love

  3. Thanks for this post. You can visit my blog @, I started august this year so apparently I’m a newbie, but I aspire to go high and be very popular, my blog is mainly about celebrity news both international and local, odd news and others such as breaking new… I already have over 23,000 pageviews and this alone encourage me because I would’nt want to disappoint my viewers but if u can give me tips on how to make my blog known and talked about by people, here’s my e-mail,, thank u and I’m hoping to hear from you as soon as possible

    • Thanks Jamiu, Actually i can’t mention them all in one list, i will still compile another list for another set of upcoming bloggers.

      Thanks for dropping your comment.

  4. This is a great post. Although i ve’ never taken time to draw a map of my blogging history and life, but with this report, i am highly impressed.

    Thanks Segun

  5. Hi Segun, Thanks for sharing this great list of Upcoming Nigerian bloggers…

    Checked out most of them and I’m really impressed at the great talent we have in our country…

    Keep it up bro.

  6. Hi Segun,
    Since I started blogging for yearS,I have never had the chance to connect with other Nigeria bloggers but I’m only came in contact with Olabisi founder of Youngprepro.

    I’m glad some of our youth are steeping up their games now when it comes to blogging.

    Thanks for sharing with us these amazing bloggers.

  7. Great list of Nigerian bloggers. I guess there are much more numbers of upcoming bloggers in Nigeria making a wave in the blogging space.

    I know Derek’ well enough. A BL member.

    Love your blog. Looks simple and easy to hover around without distractions.

  8. Bamidele,
    Thanks for this wonderful article. This is exactly what I am doing on my blog right now – helping to expose established and upcoming bloggers, internet marketers, young entrepreneurs, freelance writers, etc from Nigeria and some other parts of the world.
    I am hoping to see your write up on my blog someday. Keep up the nice job.

    • Hi Joseph Ezie, This is not Onibalusi Bamidele, I am Onibalusi Segun and also thanks for your great help for Nigeria Bloggers, I really think that doing this will motivate most young Bloggers.


      • Segun I’m very grateful that my name is in this awesome list of upcoming bloggers from Nigeria. I really grateful for the mention bro. Thanks very much!

  9. I know so many Nigerian bloggers and they are very good. Specially Olawale Daniel from techatlast is a great friend of mine. Nice to know about others too. thanks!

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