What to do if Google Devalues Guest Blogging Links?

This is a guest post on guest blogging by Jay Yadav, from Designmodo.

Sometimes I feel that Google is out to decry any method that online entrepreneurs devise to promote or advertise their business. Guest blogging is one such thing. Then I realize that what Google does is perhaps the best way because ultimately, the purpose of Google search engine is to offer relevant results to search engine users and we are really aware that the search engine results can be suitably manipulated.

Lately, it seems that guest blogging is turning from a positive strategy to a negative one. If you accept guest posts on your blog, you will know what I am talking about.

There is a rumor going about the blogosphere that Google might devalue the whole concept of guest blogging. Here is the YouTube video where Matt Cutts explains what Google considers as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ guest blogging.

Therefore, the relevant question is what to do if Google really comes around to devaluing guest blogging links. I finalized these options after a lot of thought and analysis.


1) Don’t Give Google the Chance to Devalue Guest Blogging

Do this right now. Login to your blog and check out all those guest posts you have published over the last few months. I am sure you must have regretted a few times for accepting a guest blog which you shouldn’t have and didn’t have the courage to delete it either.

Guest Blogging

Delete it today. But don’t forget to add the 404 redirect.

If you have accepted a large number of guest posts, this will be a time consuming process. Again, which is better? Is it better to let Google to drop your blog search rankings or improve your blog today? You decide.

If you are still undecided, make a list of the guest blogs you want to delete and contact their authors informing them of your decision. Trust me, most of them won’t even bother to reply because they were just ghost writers doing their job.


2) Improve Guest Blogging Guidelines

Matt Cutts states in the video that webmasters should monitor what kind of guest blogs are published on their site/s. He clearly indicates that spun and duplicate content should be a complete no-no. Moreover, the typical 400-500 word blog posts are completely passé. If the rumor is true and your blog search engine ranking suffers, you must revise the guest blog guidelines or stop accepting them altogether.

What usually happens is that when blogs with less attractive PR needs content, they open it for guest bloggers and lo and behold, all types of SEO agencies come after it to get a blog post published for their client.

Okay, there is no problem if someone is getting paid to write for your blog. The problem is the generalization of the method. One of the best and effective solution will be to impose stricter guest blogging guidelines. When a SEO agency sees that the blog requires 1000 words per guest blog post, 99% of the agencies won’t approach you because a) they are billing their client for 500-word posts and b) who is going to make all the effort?

If you happen to receive guest blogs still, it is possible that they are serious guest bloggers or damn good writers, and if they have something worthwhile to say, its okay to give them a chance.


3) Give No-Follow Guest Blogging Links

If Google devalues guest blogging links, it won’t be because Google doesn’t like guest blogging method. It will be because Google knows that the method is being misused for getting do-follow back links. We know that do-follow back links are a vote of approval for the linked site. Back links in exchange of guest posts is like an “enforced” vote, which is irrelevant in the eyes of Google.

Therefore, if Google comes around to devaluing guest blogging links, it will be great to start offering no-follow links only or a mixture of both.

If any blogger or online business owner approaches you for contribution, knowing that the link will be no-follow, understand that the person is looking for “real” user engagement and not just a link!


4) Target High Authority Blogs

It is possible that you too are guest blogging for your blog. Right?

If Google devalues guest blog links, your guest blogging effort will suffer too.

To recover, you should try to get published on high authority blogs, even if its just one post per month. A large number of guest posts on mediocre blogs leading to penalty should be much less appealing that your blog featuring on a top blog like Search Engine Journal and SEOmoz. Don’t you think?



Guest blogging is on the edge; it can either topple over to the bad side or we can retain its good value. Ultimately, its useless blaming Google because its our collective fault for letting it get misused.

Please take 2 minutes to comment your opinion below. What will you do if guest blogging is devalued?

12 thoughts on “What to do if Google Devalues Guest Blogging Links?”

  1. devinder says:


    I’d like to add my 2 cents to the discussion.

    Guest blogging links in author bio might get devalued but i don’t think there is any problem, if the write up is good and the link is relevant in the body of the post.

    I have some guest authors who works that way only, they write a good valuable post like the one i am commenting below and ask for a dofollow link in the post.

    I really liked the write-up, i invite you to write for my blog too :)

    1. :) I am sure Jay will contact you.

      The main thing is everything something gets popular as a strategy to get good ranking, people scam it and Google devalues it…a completely losing game for genuine bloggers and marketers.

  2. There are too many mediocre writers offering guest posts on behalf of companies; sometimes I just wonder who’s really paying those guys to write those garbage they offer.
    I have personally decided to implement stricter measures or all together stop accepting guest posts on my blogs.

    1. Actually Joseph, the fault is not of the guest blogger completely. If the client doesn’t want to pay more than $5 per guest post, which writer in right mind will work to write awesome guest posts? No One.

      So clients have to increase their budget to for the guest blogging strategy to work for them!


    This update will cause most of the bloggers, and some of them stopped there guest blogging opportunity will an information for them.Guest blogging is the powerful way to attract more people.And we need to use them by adding these above criteria’s. Really an informative post.

    1. Guest blogging is a powerful way, if done the “right” way :)

  4. Thank you for another unique post! I think the most important thing is relevancy: How the content and links are relevant to the theme of the blog.
    If the links are irrelevant to the niche, then both the host and guest bloggers are going to have trouble, sooner or later.

    But even more I liked your point in a comment- “Do not guestblog for backlinks, but for readership and branding.” Excellent said! That seems the perfect definition of guestblogging.

    Thanks again for sharing for us.

    1. You’re welcome Jignesh :) If the blog post is awesome and the intended back link is niche related, accepting guest posts is okay!

  5. Inspiring Citizen Rafi says:

    Hi Chitraparna,

    What you said in the end about guest blogging made a lot of sense to me..It should be used for branding, readership and traffic but not getting juice from Google..The best option would be create raving fans without the help of google..What do you say? Google is highly intelligent and they are smart business people as well.

    The way they are giving imp for google plus in seo itself showns their shrudness..What do you say?

    1. Chitraparna says:


      I have to agree with you. Guest blogging is becoming too diluted. Everyone is doing it but only 10% knows how to REALLY do it.

      But, creating raving fans is good but since most of us use Google, you cannot ignore it either!

      I just read somewhere that Google is planning a major update on guest blogging by year end…Just keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. Achin Jain says:

    Great Article, but if we write for no follow guest link then will it improve our SEO ranking..

    1. Chitraparna says:

      …that’s the point Achin…Google knows we are guest blogging just to get do-follow links with the hope to have better search ranking. What Google is saying that don’t guest post just for links, guest post if you want readership, branding etc…in that case, even if the link is no-follow, no problem. In any case, try to have a mix of both do follow and no follow.

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