Moborobo – Best Android Smartphone Management Tool Ever!

Windows has Zune, Apple has iTunes but even though the Google Android software enjoys high popularity, it lacked a PC to Android syndication software.

There is one Android syndication software which not only backups phone data, messages and contacts but also offers many other attractive features like a comprehensive file manager and easy syncing between PC and the Android Smartphone.

This Android syndication software is known as Moborobo.

What is Moborobo?

Moborobo - Feature Pic

A free-to-download third party all-on-one Smartphone PC manager, Moborobo helps you to have better control over data. If you are new to Android or just migrated from iOS, this Android syndication software will make the migration easier by backing up data such as text messages, installed applications, images, music files and phone contacts.

It has a dedicated Android Download Center which will help you to select, download and install apps on the Android with the click of a button.

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Connecting with Moborobo

When you first open the Moborobo application on the Android device, you will see the connection interface. The interface is simple and easy to navigate. The connection happens with two methods – Wi-Fi and USB. Depending on your choice, the connection process varies slightly.

Once the connection is established, the Android syndication software will begin to install drivers, and the whole process is visible on the PC as well. Ensure that USB Debugging is enabled on the Android device.

Striking Moborobo Features

The reason why Moborobo is just a hit with Android users is because of its following features:

  • Cut Down on Data Cost

Often, you are hesitant to install or update new application because it consumes data and increases usage cost, especially if you have a limited plan.

However, when you use this Android syndication software, you never have to worry about exceeding data limit because its resource center allows application download using the connect PC’s data plan!

Isn’t that awesome? You don’t need to spend a dime extra on phone bills.

  • Contacts Transfer

Once connected with the PC, it is easy to move stored contacts between Android and iOS with just few clicks. Apart from this, all the data is stored on the PC and you can edit, add or delete any contact any time.

  • Restore Lost Data

Moborobo Android Syndication Software

If your device gets stolen or the factory settings mistakenly clicked, never fret because the Moborobo android syndication software backs up every shred of data and can be restored on a new or old device easily. Call logs, wallpapers, messages, ringtones, pictures, installed applications and application data could be restored anytime. You can save the backup on any location or use the default location set by Moborobo.

  • SD Card and Storage Details

The android syndication software shows what apps are consuming how much memory and allows you to optimize usage. The tool will show detailed information of RAM usage and SD card storage space. You can clean up the device directly from the PC and get more space.

  • Application Management

The Moborobo application management dashboard is comprehensive. You get access to Moborobo Web resources under “Apps” tab to find Apps, Games, download and directly install onto your device. That will cost no 3G data.

What’s more, the Apps tab allows you to install, uninstall and even change install path of your Apps. Another cool option is called “App updater” which shows a list of all the apps which can be updated.

Anyways, if you have a rooted device, you can delete bloatware (system apps). The dashboard shows details of all installed apps and system apps. Whenever an application update is available, it shows up on the software interface and all you have to do is click ‘Permission’ to get the update.

  • Screen Capture

You can take live screenshots from the Moborobo software. The most interesting feature is its auto-refresh feature. Whenever you change anything on the device, it is instantly reflected on the Moborobo screen. In other words, it offers a live screen capture solution. You can take a screenshot, refresh, view data full screen or change its settings.

The screen capture feature shows all the captured images right within the device. In the Settings section, you can make several changes such as whether the screenshots should be saved in a folder or to a clipboard. You can specify screen rotation dimension too.


The Moborobo android syndication software is highly recommended for all Android Smartphone users. Download it for free. If interested, check out the Moborobo website and their other wonderful Android-based products. You can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter too.

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