Businesses Rely on eCommerce Hosting to Boost Online Holiday Sales

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As the holidays draw closer, many businesses are making the most of their offerings this season by sprucing up their websites. With eCommerce hosting tools, organisations can meet consumer expectations while delivering a seamless experience for all users.

This factor has become more important than ever as shoppers increasingly go to online sites for their gift needs. In order to capitalise on the growth, businesses must ensure that their storefront and eCommerce site are both in optimal operating condition to handle evolving consumer demands.

Black Friday is considered one of the biggest shopping days of the year, with people literally lining up around the block to get the best deals.

However, with the newly claimed Cyber Monday and most offerings being reflected on business websites, online purchases could potentially beat the Black Friday shopping tradition.

Boost Online Business in Holidays

According to a recent report by, more than half of U.S. adults are planning to go shopping, 35 percent of which are making online their primary focus. Approximately one in eight respondents do the bulk of their gift purchasing on Thanksgiving weekend, making it necessary for organisations to boost their game and ensure that they stand out from their competitors.

“These trends show positive signs for the continued growth of online consumer activity,” CEO Steve Schaffer said. “People don’t have to leave Thanksgiving dinner to get to the best sales, and they most certainly don’t have to shop in a physical store to get the best Black Friday deals.”

Boosting eCommerce Capabilities

For many organisations, eCommerce hosting has significantly changed the way in which they conduct business and interact with their customers. As technology advances, the company must ensure that they are using the tool effectively.

According to Econsultancy, using urgency to encourage faster stock purchases and pulling in customers through email notices could significantly increase conversions. This can be easily seen through ads like “Available for 2 days only” or “Limited stock left!” With this type of messaging, buyers are forced to make quick decisions based on their impulses, potentially helping to drive an increase in sales.

“For me urgency is about helping the customer, or should be about helping the customer, rather than considering it a sales technique,” Digital Juggler’s James Gurd said, according to Econsultancy. “The goal should be to provide transparency over stock availability to help customers decide how urgent the purchase is.

Where it falls down is with retailers that run on deliberately low stock levels and then the urgency message becomes effectively sitewide and impact is compromised.

Therefore, as the holiday season approaches, get ready to prep up your online business with eCommerce hosting solutions.

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