Understanding and Resolving Common Ink Cartridge Problems

All inkjet printers have the common tendency to give their owners a few hiccups down the road every now and then; and the most common ones are regarding ink cartridges.

Since ink cartridges are only occasionally used by most users, the ink usually gets clogged up or the contacts get oxidized and often result in a messy print.

But don’t worry; you don’t have to replace an entire cartridge for it. You can just clean them up and resolve the problems yourself and get the printer up and running again.

Here are the most common problems encountered with ink cartridges and the techniques to easily resolve them.

  • Streaky Prints with Tiny Blotches

Now this is a clear indication that the print head is all clogged up. The print head is the thin metallic strip on the side of the container with some ink marks on it, in case if you were wondering.

The print head usually gets clogged up if it has been left open to moisture or if it hasn’t been use in the while. This clog prevents the ink from distributing evenly and causes smudges and streaks.

To get rid of the problem, all you have to do is remove the block by wiping it clean with a fresh paper towel. Once the head is clean, the ink will flow normally and will result in fine prints.

But if you want to prevent this situation altogether, you can opt for high quality cartridges from Cartridge Discount UK. These special cartridges resist ink clogging regardless of the time they have been left unused.

  • Cartridge not found Error

Over time, the contacts in the ink cartridge get oxidized and prevent the printer from connecting to them.

Since the contact strip is made out of copper, this could happen even in a short period of non-usage. So if your computer screen pops with the news of cartridge missing, even though you exactly know where it is, then this is the problem that’s causing it.

Again, all you have to do is just clean the contact and install the cartridge back, and you don’t need any special solvents to do that either.

Just take a stationery eraser, preferably the hard ones that don’t twist easily, rub the contact clean. This will remove all the oxides on the surface of the contact. Now apply isopropyl alcohol over the contacts and wipe it clean.

Your cartridge should look good as new now; you can just install it and the printer will recognize it this time.

A Word of Caution

Remember to use only distilled water when cleaning the printing head since regular mineral water or tap water will cause the head to clog up even more.

Be careful not to let the alcohol solution touch the print head when cleaning the copper contact. And as always, never spray any solution directly on to the cartridge; first spray them over a paper towel and use it to clean the contacts.

So go ahead, try these solutions today and enjoy trouble free printing.


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