4 Ways To Keep Up In A Fast-Paced World

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Written by Preeti Nath

Getting through life is like running a marathon. It’s no longer about keeping up with the Joneses; you’re just trying to match the pace of the rat race. You won’t run the risk of falling behind if you maintain healthy, time-efficient habits.

Improve Your Time Management

You have too much tech at your disposal to arrive late to appointments and miss deadlines. From home assistant AI devices, such as Alexa, to endless apps designed to remind you of where you need to be, when, and why, you don’t have the luxury of excuses any longer. Regardless of why your time management is somehow lacking, you can fix it as long as you’re willing. For example, if getting up early is your problem, there are apps that act as ambient alarms to help you wake each day. Even rising 15 minutes earlier every morning makes a difference.

Eat to Live

You cannot survive in coffee, energy drinks, and junk food. You might think that Red Bull keeps you energized, but that’s only true until you crash. Coffee and sugar-laden snacks create the same false sense of exuberance. You’re not motivated; you’re burning through caffeine and sugar. It only seems like you’re keeping up until your body uses up all that false energy and you’re left feeling drained and exhausted.

You struggle to keep up now, but if you fuel your body with nutrients, you’ll soon leap ahead of the pack. Maintain your stride by downloading a health tracker app like Lifesum. Not only can you monitor your fitness levels and what you eat, but you can also see where you’re lacking and what food groups you need to consume. Holding yourself accountable trains you to make better food choices, plus you learn to treat your body kindly.

Sit Down

What you eat is critical, but where you eat is essential, as well. Sometimes, the best way to keep up is to slow down, even if it’s just for an hour. You might have to rush through breakfast and lunch, but once you sit down to dinner with family or friends, make sure you actually sit. Put away your phone, turn off the TV, and spend a few moments decompressing as you digest.

Get Online When You’re in Line

Smartphones and tablets make life, in general, more convenient, but only if you use them wisely. You no doubt spend much of your time responding to emails and text messages that are both personal and professional in nature. Instead of replying to your correspondence during valuable working hours or family time, do it when you’re otherwise occupied but not exactly busy. For instance, try responding to emails during your commute or as you stand in line for your morning coffee. Multitasking isn’t always efficient, but in this case, it frees up more time than you can imagine.

What do you do to keep up in today’s manic world? If you’re struggling, use these tech hacks and self-care tips to improve your sanity.



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