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5 iOs Health Apps To Benefit Your Life For Better

ios health apps

Health has always been the priority issue for every being. With the launch of each new iPhone series are launched varied compatible apps which are its USP.

With new technology and convergence in its full bloom, iOS banked upon health issues as an emerging sector and targeted a new set of applications which keep a track of the user’s health.

Apple Health is the dashboard of the readings of all the different apps in an iPhone and helps track the progress of the user on a regular basis.

5 iOs Health Apps To Benefit Your Life For Better

Here is the list of the 5 iOS health apps to make your life better.

# 1 Endomondo

Endomondo Sports Tracker is a substitute for a personal trainer. This is one of the iOS health apps which allows to track everything related to fitness. Whatever you are doing from running, walking or workouts; it keeps a close eye on what needs to be done in order to improve your health. Endomondo Sports Tracker gives the right analysis regarding fitness.

#2. 7-minute workout

This iOS health app outlines all the exercises in the workout that need to be done. It allows the user see videos with text descriptions of each exercise. It even has a timer that prompts for exercises and necessary breaks and is integrated with the iOS HealthKit.

#3 UP

UP is Jawbone’s latest app designed for tracking fitness. The new iOS health app has step tracking capabilities to track your steps, sleep and food intake which is displayed all your metrics in bright colors with line and bar graphs.

#4 Yummly

Yummly allows users to search food by its ingredients, diet, allergies, nutrients, cuisine, et al along with that it memorises the needs of the users based on their likes and dislikes. Yummly uses this information to categorize food for searching and makes recommendations for its users.

#5 Motion 24X7

MotionX 24/7 is a complete sleep tracker. It helps with a sleep-cycle alarm that keeps reminding the users about the right time to go to bed. MotionX 24/7 works on four aspects of fitness; to sleep better, and wake up refreshed, increase the activities and monitoring of the heart rate better. Integrated with the HealthKit, an iOS health app this gives accurate measures due to being connected to the dashboard.

Motion 24X7 iOS health app

Motion 24X7 Health app

Why wait? Download all of them at once to enhance your Health Kit and nurture your health!



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