A Blog without AdSense – Is it an Insane Proposition?

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A lot has already been said over the merit and demerit of using AdSense on a blog.

A lot of newbie bloggers start blogging because they have heard ‘something’ about AdSense, which is, ‘start a blog, publish AdSense ads, and earn money online’; this basic premise is not faulty or incorrect but the implementation is incorrect.

Does this make any sense? No? Keep on reading.

Why do you want to implement AdSense?

Of course, you want to earn money!

AdSense is one of the primary ways in which a blogger can make money online but think – how many of us do ‘actually’ make money? I am not talking about $10 or $100 in earnings. I am talking about those niche bloggers who are rightly making thousands of dollars per month such as Darren Rowse or John Chow. Do you have this kind of success rate?

To give an estimated guess, about 10% of the total blogger community is enjoying the immense benefits of AdSense while the remaining 90% are languishing.

This brings us to the most important question:

Is AdSense Indispensable for a Blog?

Is it too tough to think of a blog without AdSense? I have nothing against this revenue model but the fact is you do not have to depend on it as the ultimate money making source.

Besides the unsuccessful attempts to make money from AdSense, there are other undeniable faults of this money making model –

[1] When blog visitors click on the ads, they are actually ‘going away’ from the blog. Have you thought about this? With this revenue model, you’re actually giving away blog visitors just for few pennies and what’s more, they are not even becoming blog subscribers, that is, blog readers.

[2] If your blog doesn’t have traffic, the AdSense money earning dreams are doomed. Unless you’re consistently getting more than 1000 visitors daily, do not even think of earning anything substantial for a blog.

[3] Using AdSense ads can somewhat dilute your blog branding. You won’t worry about this if you’re running hundreds of micro niche blogs but if you’re concentrating on just one or two high potential blogs, be wary because Google doesn’t allow you to have control over the kind of ads displayed on the blog (this is reserved for only premium publishers).

In other words, if your ads display ‘betting’ programs on the high potential blogs, the readers will assume that you’re associating yourself with those ads, which you aren’t, but you cannot stop anyone from assuming it, right? So there goes your brand equity!

The point is AdSense is not everything; there are many other ways to earn money from any number of blogs. Some of these could be:

  • Email marketing of affiliate products & services.
  • Selling eBooks.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling own products & services like themes, freelance services (web designing etc.)
  • Paid reviews
  • Advertisements

….and many more!

Over to You

To conclude all this, if you’re able to earn a very handsome amount from AdSense, good for you but if you aren’t, there are many other ways to monetize your blog apart from AdSense.



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