A Mysterious Floating city Appears in China Skies

Mysterious floating city

Over the past couple of days, a raging debate has ensued on the internet over the reasons behind China’s mysterious floating city in the sky.

An eerie ghost city recently appeared floating in the clouds above the Chinese cities of Jiangxi and Foshan, with thousands of eyewitness accounts. The supernatural-seeming event was even caught on film. Bizarre images show a shadowy cityscape sitting atop clouds, skyscrapers literally poking the sky.

Videos taken by locals in the Chinese town of Foshan show a faint city amidst the clouds in the sky, triggering questions of whether it could possibly be an alien attack. The vision, however, lasted only a few minutes, disappearing soon after.

Among the humorous theories out there is the idea that the city was an attempt by NASA to simulate the second coming of Christ. Conspiracy theorists have even given this nefarious project a name: Project Blue Beam. It is supposed to be part of an elaborate plan by NASA to establish a new world order.

Yes, some people actually believe this.

Conspiracy theorists know well that an alien invasion combined with the secret hands of America is always a heady mix. But experts have weighed in, making it clear that the images of the city could well have been sparked by an optical illusion known as fata morgana — a mirage being created when ‘cold, dense air’ blends with an upward layer of warmer air. Despite this totally rational explanation, however, there are plenty of observers who remain spooked and unconvinced.

A scientist told the NGC that such a mirage is more likely to occur over water bodies and has the capacity to deceive our average brain into believing something when it actually maybe something else. So, that means different people at different locations would see the mirage differently.



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