5 Reasons Why Every Agency Should Offer Print Services

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Written by Preeti Nath

With the growing popularity and more apparent global reach of social media, print services seems to be on its way out in the marketing world. Clients have begun to rely heavily on solid social media promotions and a good SEO campaign to target the entire online audience. Very few now choose print media, which is seen as a more expensive, less effective alternate.

Experts at Precision Printing believe there’s still a place in the modernized digital world for print marketing. We understand that brochures and documents are designed to impress, and so we’ve come up with a list of 5 reasons why it’s still a good idea for every marketing agency to offer print services:

5 Reasons to Offer Print Services

Here they are:

#1 It helps you generate a larger profit.

Print services allow you to bill the client more for your time. While it’s true that printing process itself is slower, compared to a digital advert that can be online in seconds, the time is more than made up for in terms of the capital pouring in.

#2 It’s simpler than you think.

Really, all you need is the design skills to make sure your eventual product would look great. Once you’ve completed the design with client, the rest of the process just involves finding the right printing partner.

Here, the digital age comes to aid its older sibling, as you can now directly check prices, and order online. Not only will this save you a lot of hassle, it also ensures a quicker delivery, and easier pricing with your client.

#3 It grabs attention.

Have you noticed how people opt for fewer articles of print mail at home? While this point may seem counterintuitive, the smaller number means people actually tend to give more attention to the few magazines they do get. This becomes a perfect opportunity for ads in print media to get specialized attention.

#4 It helps develop a stronger relation with your clients.

If you can offer your clients both digital and print services, they’re likely to come to you for all their marketing needs. This means that apart from the actual design, you’ll also end up assisting them with the thought process behind the final ad, which will help develop a deeper connection between both parties.

#5 Your designers can truly flex their creative muscles.

Offering both digital and print services will provide your designers a greater creative challenge, and allow them to truly come into their own when working on the final products. The extra billing hours will eventually generate more income, allowing you a larger margin for profit.

While it’s clear that digital marketing is the way of the future, print marketing certainly won’t be going away anytime soon. Most agencies are now looking at ways to effectively combine the two for increased output and greater profits!

Personally, we wouldn’t ever like to see print marketing fade away, especially when it can produce incredibly creative results, like this.

While you wait for your next creative ad to develop, why not have a go at Precision Printing’s logo quiz, and see how much you really know about the world around you!



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