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Top 4 eBook Readers for Android Smartphone

eBook Readers for Android Smartphone
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Life moves smoothly with an Android smartphone because of its never ending hi-tech features. The smartphones are small in size but and provides us all the basic information which are required in our day-to-day life.

Reading eBooks on an Android smartphone is fun. The readers take pleasure in reading eBooks with the help of their smartphone. Among them, there are few of them which are most used by Android smartphone users.

4 eBook readers for Android Smartphone

The best 4 eBook readers for Android smartphone are as follows:

1) Kindle

After the Kindle Fire of Amazon, The Kindle app of Android is liked by most individuals.

A huge number of eBooks can be read with the help of this app. It is one of the popular apps for reading eBooks. The functionality and characteristics are same like the Kindle Fire of Amazon.

Starting from online newspapers, novels to contemporary fashion and magazines, a person can browse it from the Kindle app. It also gives access to other functionalities like Wikipedia, Google search and an inbuilt dictionary.

2) Google Books

Books of any origin or author can be read with the help of the Google Books. This is an app created by Google itself for Android devices like smartphones and tablets.

The library of this app is filled with amazing reading experiences as it can look over and download more than 3 million titles for free.

Google’s library is immense and a variety of choices is available with materials of public domain which are free in nature. In terms of book reading, no other app is as pleasing as Google Books.

3) Nook

Created by Barnes and Noble, Nook is as same as that of the Kindle.

Earlier, it facilitated only in the Nook tablet. But, after recent updating, it runs in any Android tablet or smartphone. The Nook has a collection of over 3 million books. Now a person can browse his/her favourite magazine, novel or online newspaper with just a click.

The Nook tablet users can also experience the application in their tablets. This would be a known user interface for them.

4) Aldiko

The Aldiko is a book reader application which is different from the other eBook readers. If a person is bored from outdated Android eBook readers, then Aldiko can be a contemporary eBook reader. It is a substitute app in comparison to other apps like Amazon, Kindle and Nook.

This android application can lead the user to download the books directly to the smartphone. Buying eBooks can be fun with the help of this app as there are offers and discounts available for the users.

The retailers send the books in either EPUB format or Adobe PDF format.


eBooks are gaining a name in the Android market. Installation of the apps is instant and convenient so more people are switching over to them rather than normal books. If you’re a book lover, digitise your reading with these eBook readers for Android smartphone.



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