Apple Watch to be launched in India on November 6

Apple watch

In the context of its recent successful launch of 6S range, the tech giant, Apple is all set to launch its Apple Watch in India on November 6. Apple Watch is finally hitting the stores in the country. The watches will be made available in three editions – Apple watch, Apple watch edition and the Apple watch Smart. There are two sizes available for the same – 38 mm and 42 mm.

The firm has launched the watch in several major countries including, US, France, Japan and the UK in April, and has seen a phased rollout in other regions.

The company hasn’t revealed the pricing details; however, based on US prices, the range starts from the base variant at $349, which converts to Rs. 22,700 approximately. The watch has various materials used in it such as sapphire, 18- carat gold, stainless steel, and aluminum. The release of the watch in India is after 6 months of its international launch.

The various features such as fitness tracker, several customizable time faces such as animated butterflies, Chronograph, modular and jellyfish makes it super cool to operate. It is powered with pressure sensitive displays and a digital crown which can be used for controlling their main functions. An user can perform various activities such as check emails, weather update, sunrise and sunset timing, daily activity level, etc.

The watch is enabled by the special S1 chip, designed by the company itself for this product and the built-in mic, speaker. Also, the integration with Siri makes it a trademark Apple product that should be looked out for.

The Apple Watch is the first product category is launched under Tim Cook and is not a brainchild of Steve Jobs. It is high time for Apple Inc. to progress and focus on India, as it is the second biggest smartphone market in the world.



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