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5 Apps on Android for Scheduling Work

Scheduling apps on android

Apps on Android are awesome. Scheduling has always remained one of those tedious tasks which people overlook than take up. But ever imagined that scheduling can be fun? Yes, scheduling on your smartphones with time has evolved and evolved for good.

With leading brands associating themselves with such applications and innovating more of such applications, scheduling apps on android are the new go-getters.

Here is a list of 5 Best Scheduling apps on Android, which make the effort worth and easier.

5 Best Scheduling Apps on Android to checklist your schedule well

#1 Google Calender

Who isn’t aware of android being backed up by google? Android is that operating system whose backbone is Google. Be it the default search engines to the calendar. Google calendar is the default calendar that comes with the phone but has not found a match-able replacement. Most importantly google calendar is color coded and makes it easier to distinguish between the dates on the basis of your preference.

#2 Business Calendar

Since it relies on having the Google Calendar installed on the device for some of its functionality, this app off the varied apps on android cannot be a replacement. Even though that the appearance of this app is as normal as the stock calendar, color-coded, clicking the ‘show text’ icon gives a better overview.

#3 Cal

Cal is one of the best apps on android, featuring colorful photo backgrounds that intend to jazz up the boring calendar on your android phone. Developed by app developer Any.do, the company behind the sleek to-do app of the same name, Cal sports a sleek and a minimal design. The greatest strength of this app is managing off the daily agenda making it easy to use.

#4 SolCalender

This app not only allows you to manage your daily routine but also a varied range of other activities which makes it interactive to use. With the drastic increase in the use of stickers for personalizing one’s words, this app has a series of stickers and more that can be downloaded to add some fun element to your calendar.

#5 Schedule Planner Classic

This application comes with managing your schedules in a practical graphical calendar. Busy users are provided with a flexible set of categories like “Meals”, “Health”, and “Work”. Tasks are then color coordinated by category for convenience and to monitor their statistics. The app employs in-depth pie chart and bar graph diagrams to let users see how they spend their time based on category with a quick glance.

schedule planner classic

These are the top 5 Scheduling apps on Android, which we believe have the capacity to schedule and manage efficiently. If we have missed out on something you know, feel free to tell us in the comments section below.



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  • Our Android Schedule App opens up the greater part of our desktop stage to the Android cell phone. Among different activities Managers and Schedulers can:
    1. See and Manage Schedules – Including making and altering Shifts
    2. See and Manage Staff – including and altering workers
    3. Convey – Using the message divider and also send messages to representatives or to whole divisions

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