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5 Apps on iOS to Manage Schedule

scheduling apps on ios

Apps on iOS are fun and classy to schedule your work. Scheduling has always remained one of those tedious tasks which people overlook than take up. But ever imagined that scheduling can be fun? Yes, scheduling on your iPhone and iOS has been easy and getting massive response. 

Managing the schedule is just an easy way to figure out how exactly how your life is supposed to be led in a sorted manner.

Here is a list of 5 best scheduling apps on iOS, which make the effort worth and easier.

#1 Google Calender

Not only is Android obsessed with Google, now the apps on iOS are also being powered by Google. Google calendar is now available for iOS. Not only this, google calendar comes in a color coded format making it easier to distinguish between the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routine.

#2 Sunrise

Sunrise has a clutter free look with everything sorted. The main interface of this application shows a list of upcoming events in coming week along with a month view at the top for reference. The weekly view shows three days at a time, with colorful blocked-off chunks of time for each event. It customizes the view according to your keyword search. Isn’t it just like an automated service?


Wish to manage your daily agenda? One of the apps on iOS which helps in doing it is, Cal. It sports colorful photo backgrounds which jazz the theme of the calendar. As and when it is launched, the daily agendas pop up on the app interface making it pretty handy.

#4 Tempo

This app syncs not only your other calendar details and your settings. This app also syncs in with your email additionally and adds ease of access to every conversation too. It checks the conversations and based on that keeps reminding if there is something that needs to be on your To-Do- List.

#5 Horizon Calendar

This is one of those apps on iOS which allows you to check the weather. It considers the weather to be an integral part of any day. Each of your day’s agendas and events has the forecasted temperature beside the event details to let you know how exactly you can accustom yourself.


Isn’t it a cool way to organise a hassle free schedule? Why not go and try out these scheduling apps on ios which may help you in a sorted life and with a tint of applications to it. If you feel we have missed out on something, do let us know in the comments section below.




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