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Apptivo Projects App Review

Written by Jessee R

A review of Apptivo Projects app which is an enabler in the field of maximal project management options. 

To achieve all its goals and objectives in the given timeframe, a project has to be managed efficiently and effectively. You have to keep variables like the scope, budget and quality of your project in mind and simultaneously focus on other processes like invoicing and time tracking.

For project managers, this becomes increasingly tough with rising scales and project benchmarks. However, Project Management Apps are using cloud networks and state of the art software to provide complete management solutions to Project managers.

One such solution is the Projects App from Apptivo.

With 2-month free trial and an affordable pricing after that, the projects app seems like an attractive solution. It allows for team collaboration, budgeting, invoicing, document sharing and a lot more.

What Features make Apptivo Projects App worthwhile?

Time tracking is an essential element of project management. One of the first things you notice when starting with the Projects App is the Work Log.

It allows you to keep track of the time spent on each project. You can easily track the time spent by you or any other employee on multiple projects.

The framework also allows for external integration with essential apps. These apps allow you to customize and configure the project according to your needs and help in easy invoicing and customer communication.

Apptivo Projects App Review

Some of the basic offerings by Apptivo Projects App are:

  • Quick overview of projects for the entire team
  • Sync timelines with Google
  • Easily create and track subprojects
  • View all associated apps in a 360˚ view
  • Create project milestones and break major tasks into subtasks
  • Invoice your customer based on each milestone
  • Get the customer approval of project quote
  • Generate reports with a single click
  • Team collaboration and time-tracking
  • Automatically send invoices based on task duration or any other pricing variable
  • Share the project with customer team which enables business connection

Let’s look at some of the trademark Apptivo Projects app features in detail.

#1 A Comprehensive Dashboard

The projects dashboard is undoubtedly one of the best project management dashboards I have worked with. You can assess and estimate the progress of all your projects on a single screen.

You can filter the activity of your team members by their name. On the left pane you can see standard and custom views of the project based on their characters.

The Project News Feed feature is quite nifty as it shows all major project related activity in the form of notifications. You can filter the news feed by name too! You can add comments to these activities and keep track of progress.

The app is powered by the global notification system. You receive instant as well as email updates. Employees can configure/customize their set of notifications according to their requirements like appointments, to-dos, call logs, emails, docs and more

#2 Customizable Project Attributes

With Projects App you can easily organize and manage custom fields to your project and do additional things like:

  • Set the goal of project budget
  • Choose due dates, timelines and delivery methods
  • Change Project Name and description
  • Modify the status of any project (In trouble, On Hold, On Track, Awaiting Kick Off, Completed, Behind Schedule and all are the available seeded choices)
  • Add priority levels to your project like high, medium or low
  • Tag the associated customer with the project so that he/she can easily be billed later
  • Choose the desired billing methods
  • Add estimates about completion and duration of each project (only for projects where billing is time based)
  • Create project templates for future use on similar projects
  • Provide security roles to your employees to access fields and its values.
  • Allow project manager to approve the employee timesheet.

#3 Easily Navigate between App and Projects

You can navigate to any section of your project from the navigation pane in the port section of the home page. All the project options are available here. You can easily create new projects, track existing ones, and view reports.

#4 Creating a New Project with Apptivo Projects App

Apptivo Projects App

As you see from the above image, you have complete flexibility when it comes to project creation. You can create a blank new project or start off with a pre-existing template.

#5 Dynamic Reporting with Instant Share Options

The app compiles every important piece of information in the form of reports. You can export the same into excel formats and view it at any time. You can also use the given quick links to share the reports with your project.

#6 Specific Business Requirement Customization

Each business may have a general set of standards but it is unique in the way it runs. Therefore, it is important to customize project management to suit your company needs.

The general feature in the settings section allows you to define roles, customizing layouts, build the email templates for project status, and access. You can delegate complete access or data level access or field level access based on the privileges and role of your team members.

We have already discussed about how you can assign statuses to your projects. You can also create your own custom status to describe projects. Same can be done with Project Priority.

You can also create Custom project templates from scratch and add them to your portfolio.

Here are some other features that allow maximum customization and flexibility:

  • You can set the budget for each project that is been billed
  • Enable Project Budget tracking and define customer approved rates
  • Different billing methods can be used including time-based, milestone based and flat-fee based methods.
  • Predefined Message Templates that can be sent to customers
  • Create and add custom attributes for maximum personalization like dates, currency etc.

#7 All-round Integration

The scope of any project depends on how it can be enhanced and achieved effectively. Therefore, cases and requirements need to be tracked. All the cases created in the App are automatically recorded in the subsequent Cases App.

The assigned employee can access the cases for future reporting.

The projects can also be converted into timesheets for simplified time tracking. Alerts will be sent in case timelines are impending.

You can easily integrate employee information to the app and start assigning them projects, tasks and subtasks. You can also assign specific customers to specific employees.

You can also add and manage your clientele by using customer contacts. You can automatically convert projects into billable invoices. If completed projects are not converted to invoices, then the system will alert you to do the same.

I think that’s an excellent feature as many a times there are too many projects and you might miss some in the billing process!


With an attractive premium pricing of $8.33 per user (billed monthly) and enterprise level pricing at $20.33 per user, I think Apptivo Online Project Management tool is an all-round offering when it comes to Project management frameworks.

Businesses starting out can easily manage their processes on the Premium edition. Given the benefits and efficiency, which come as a result, the cost-effectiveness of the Apptivo Projects app is great.



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