5 Augmented Reality Apps That Can Redefine Your Life

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Augmented Reality and Magic are considered similar in many ways, it is an opportunity to take data out of a box, and place it into our space. It works like magic, you can use AR to see, share, create, and discover content in a whole new experience.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”- said by Einstein got pretty true!

Once a dream of fiction and mentioned in sci-fi books such as “A Maze of Death” back in 1970. The author described various confusing events on a planet but eventually, everyone wakes up and discovers it was an Augmented Reality program.

Mark Zuckerberg once stated that” Augmented and virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, and so were computers, and smartphones”. Definitely, augmented reality is the first step in a grand adventure into the landscape of the imagination.

What is Augmented Reality?

Can you remember the heads-up display you see from the perspective of a Terminator (Arnold) in the Terminator movie series? The display that Tony Stark can see once he dons the Ironman suit! That is the basic idea behind augmented reality.

Augmented Reality is all about abolishing the interface between the real and the digital life. Making the digital and the real-life experience indistinguishable! In more technical terms, It is using the information and technology to provide someone information regarding some aspect of the real world.

Such information includes location, acceleration, filters on Snapchat, motion catchers etc. Imagine you wear a set of magical glasses and you begin to see images and text flowing in front of your eyes, including names and information about people – That is Augmented Reality.

Types of Augmented reality

Let’s take a look at some types of AR developed and explored in various virtues:

  • Recognition or Marker-based Augmented Reality
  • Location or Marker-less based Augmented Reality
  • Projection-based Augmented Reality
  • Outlining Augmented Reality
  • Superimposition based Augmented Reality

Discovery of this technology was like a dream-come-true experience! Augmented reality went from a dream to reality in just a few decades. This technology will take off universally pretty soon with the efforts of the designers. Designers are already thinking about how they will integrate AR with our daily life for improvements in productivity, efficiency, and redefining the experience of life.

Experiencing Augmented Reality

You can experience AR just by installing a magic application based on AR on to your smartphone and holding it in front of you. You can also wear a special headset made for providing AR vision directly through your eyes.

Augmented reality-based applications are available for smartphones and tablets which you can install to get a whole new experience.

Here’s a list of some useful AR based apps that you should install:

#1 SketchAR



Explore your hidden artist, everyone has little artistry, but everyone doesn’t have the time to sit down and practice sketching for hours. Why not try this innovative application? SketchAR is a great AR based app that allows you tracing – Draw a few circles on a piece of paper and select a sketch, SketchAR will project that image right onto the paper, allowing you to trace around that sketch.

Obviously, you will have to struggle to properly synchronize along the lines perfectly, but it works like wonder if you want to practice your drawing techniques. You may feel a little awkward while holding a phone in one hand and drawing with the other as it is not a natural position – but give it a try, it’s worth to practice!

It is available for Android, iOS, and Microsoft’s headset.

#2 Mondly

You don’t have enough time, still, you want to learn a language. Mondly is an innovative app based on AR and it is one of the best ways to learn a new language. Since it’s on your smartphone, you can learn a new language on the go.

With over 33 different languages available to pick from and daily language based exercises for you to keep learning. This mobile app will it possible for you to chat in different languages in no time at all.

Excitingly, AR technology is built right into the main app and it also comes with a VR version for the Gear VR. You’ll be asked to find a flat surface after you tap the AR button. Once the surface is detected, the app will settle down your AR teacher and the lessons will begin. The lessons include exercises and examples of the words as a memory aid.

You’ll find the AR feature pretty fun that can enhance your language-learning experience while it is not something that you normally find interesting to engage in every day.

Mondly’s AR experience is available for the Android as a downloadable app, but the developers of Mondly promised that they’ll have the iOS version running very soon.

#3 Pokémon GO



This list would be incomplete without mentioning Pokémon GO – a game that managed to capture everyone’s attention and giving the fat kids reason to leave McDonald’s and go for a stroll to Catch ‘Em All!

This AR based game uses your GPS location to move your Pokémon trainer avatar around, while the camera of your phone is used to show Pokémon in the real world. The game during its early days of launched ran pretty smooth, without getting crashed or lagging!

The game developers provided two fixed locations throughout the real world map, marked as Pokestops and gyms. The game receives multiple updates to keep its performance up to the mark with the latest smartphones and hundreds of new Pokémon breeds have been added.

Niantic is continuously improving the game and adding new features, so we know that this nostalgic game will stick around for a good, long while.

#4 Ink Hunter

If you’re deciding on a tattoo and where to put it, Ink Hunter is the app that you should use. This app lets you try readymade tattoos, as well as your custom tattoo designs, and you can position the tattoo as you like and anywhere on the body.

Tattoos placed on your body using the camera resemble pretty close to how real life tattoos would look – without actually getting inked by going under the needle. All thanks to the options provided in the app and in the way Ink Hunter provides tattoos.

In the previous versions of Ink Hunter, it only supported black and white tattoos, but the new update added support for the colored tattoos as well. You get a perfect idea of what the design will look like on your skin before you get it permanently inked.

#5 Google Translate

Google Translate isn’t an app completely based on AR innovation, but this single AR feature makes it an amazing translation app. This special feature uses the app’s camera mode. Simply. Just capture an image of the text you don’t understand and Google Translate will translate the text in the photo for you in real-time.

When this app is connected to Wi-Fi, Google Translate supports a huge variety of languages. You can also download a range of language packs if you want to access the instant translation feature while staying offline or without a data connection.

Next time you visit a foreign country with a language you aren’t fluent with, Google Translate will be your local guide and can keep you from getting lost in a strange country.


So, here were the top picks for some of the best AR apps that can redefine your life, most of these support both iOS and Android devices. Such advanced apps will continue to come, but these were five of the best AR apps that are redefining the life of users according to the future.

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