[Video] Bastille Day Terrorist Attack in Nice Mauls 80+ People to Death

Nice Terror Attack

As crowds were celebrating France’s National Day in Nice, a white truck reportedly drove into the crowd, killing and injuring many people.

As crowds flee the scene, anti-terror police arrive and shoot the truck driver to death. Witness accounts and journalists on the scene report on mass hysteria and the sad loss of lives. For LIVE update, visit The Guardian and Mirror.

Hours after the attack, Bernard Cazeneuve, the Interior Minister of France said:

We are in a war with terrorists who want to hurt us at all costs.

Media reports suggest that the attacker was a Nice resident of Tunisian origin but as of now, no political leaders have confirmed the news.

The UN Security Council has “condemned in the strongest terms the barbaric terrorist and cowardly attack”. In a statement, the 15 members of the Council offered their “deep sympathy and condolences” to the families of the victims and to the French government.

Manuel Valls, the French Prime Minister, has tweeted:

“The city of Nice has been hit by terrorism on the day of our national holiday. Immense pain, the country is mourning. The French will face it”.

President Hollande’s Speech to the Nation on Nice Attack

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has released a statement on the attacks:

Today’s horrendous attack in Nice is an attack against innocent people on a day that celebrates liberty, equality, and fraternity. On behalf of all Americans, and especially the great many with close ties to France, I offer our deepest condolences to the friends and family of those who were killed and our hopes for a speedy recovery to those who were injured. I was proud to stand alongside French leaders earlier today at Bastille Day celebrations in Paris, and the United States will continue to stand firmly with the French people during this time of tragedy. We will provide whatever support is needed. Our embassy in Paris is making every effort to account for the welfare of US citizens in Nice. Any US citizens in Nice should contact friends and family directly to inform them of their well being.

Pray for Nice

Witnesses say the driver was “zigzagging” so he could hit as many people as possible. If was reported that he drove into the crowd for 2 KM at a speed of about 50 KM / hour.

Our prayers are with the bereaved families in Nice.



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