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Battery Bhai – Indian Niche ecommerce Site for Car Batteries & Inverters

Battery Bhai Co-Founders
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The ecommerce market in India is booming. From online fashionable clothes site like FashionAndYou.com to baby product merchandise like FirstCry.com, the market, despite multiple challenges, is seeing an upsurge.

One of the main factors governing the ecommerce boom is the selection of products and services. While it is comparatively easier for established brands to develop a website and earn millions in sales, small or medium sized start-ups or relatively unknown companies are making their presence felt in the Indian ecommerce sphere.

One such highly optimized niche website is Battery Bhai.

What is Battery Bhai?

Battery Bhai is a niche-based ecommerce site to buy car batteries and inverters as you would on any other online shopping site. It is a multi-brand battery store.

Battery Bhai Review

The website is an initiative by the New Delhi based WGM Media Service Pvt. Ltd. With a cumulative experience of 30 years with them, the co-founders Kuldeep Singh, Vishwa Deep and Varun Joshi, started the website in 2011 and earned about 5 lakh INR in the first year of operations, as reported here.

Interaction with Co-Founder, Vishwa Deep

Niche ecommerce sites are more common in Western countries with small or medium business entrepreneurs building online brands more than their Eastern colleagues.

Truly enough, the concept behind Battery Bhai is intriguing. You order battery or inverter online from their very well maintained database of products and they are delivered and installed within a working day – a convincing approach if they have proper supply and logistics systems in place.

The question is – how many takers are there?

Keeping this in mind, I requested Mr. Vishwa Deep to comment on some issues. I quote verbatim.

# Need for ecommerce site on Batteries

As they say “every problem you face is a potential business idea”. This holds so true in our case. We got the business idea when one of the co-founders had to go through a very troublesome and tiring experience of replacing the dead battery of his car.

Since I and one of the co-founders have a good experience in the field of e-commerce and online marketing, we started researching the market potential and feasibility.

No one was offering this unique service online at that point of time, which meant little or no direct competition. We instantly decided to target this completely untouched and huge market.

# Business Growth

Monthly revenue has been growing at an average rate of approximately 53%. The results are very exciting as BatteryBhai.com has achieved all this with limited resources. The results would have been far better if we could invest a significant amount in marketing, branding and the infrastructure.

# Future Plans

Battery Bhai plans to be the preferred source for buying various types of batteries for different applications.

We plan to expand the delivery network to include all the major target cities in India and ramp up the present online and offline infrastructure. We also plan to launch an aggressive marketing campaign to establish the brand and increase the reach. Hiring important people to expand the present team is also on the list.

In the long-run, we’ll like to expand the product range to include batteries for industrial applications, two wheelers, mobiles, laptops, cameras etc. and build a strong franchisee model.

An Inspiring Story with a Learning Curve

As a start-up or a business owner who hasn’t been able to taste any kind of success, you have lots to learn from Battery Bhai.

#1 Selection of Market (Niche) is the Key

They discovered a potential market and researched. Most of the upcoming business owners don’t do this.

#2 Sourcing Products

If you don’t have your own products, you need to be extra cautious when selling products manufactured by others. While Battery Bhai is primarily a service site of battery delivery and installation, they are also sourcing them with great caution. Quality is not to be compromised.

#3 Supply & Logistics

Business owners will lose a lot of capital money in unnecessary expenses if there is no streamlined supply and logistics system. Apart from this, business funding and customer awareness are other challenges. If you can handle them, there is no stopping you.

#4 Expansion

Every business product or service has a shelf life. While your initiate service or product could be a roaring success, you should never depend on that success. Reinvention is the mantra. Expand and cover other aspects of your niche. You will remain ahead of the curve always.

Overall, we give Battery Bhai a big thumb up for their unique initiative and wish them success!



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  • It was great pleasure to use BatteryBhai.com services. As i ordered online it was really hassle free experience for me. After placing order within 20 minuts i recieve call from delivery side and they told me time of installation. Such the quick response and great service please keep it going. In future i will recommend BatteryBhai to all for shopping Batteries online.

  • Really No. 1, as they say they do it. I ordered many time car and bike batteries from Batterybhai, fully satisfactions and genuine batteries. Battery prices is lesser as compared to other portals. Keep it up guys good work.

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