The Best Technology Apps That Can Help You In Everyday Life

Technology helps us in all kinds of ways. We rely on it throughout our day to help us with the simplest task to the most complex. When it comes to technology in your everyday life, it has never been more convenient and easy to use than through the apps available on your smartphones and tablets. No matter which platform you are using – iOS or Android – you have millions of options to choose from.

So, when it comes to the best technology apps available that help you in your everyday life, the list can seem a bit extensive. That is exactly why we have done the research and narrowed it down for you.

Scheduling and Organisation


How would you like your own personal assistant that helps you stay on schedule at all times? The 24me app works by combining a calendar, tasks, and notes into one streamlined application. By giving you all these tools in one central location, it will instantly help you become more organised. No longer will you have to worry about flipping from your calendar to your note taking tool, and then to your “to do” list. This app will bring everything together and save time so that you can get everything done.


Are you the type that seems to have a million things going on at once? Do you find it impossible to remember everything? If yes, then there is a good chance you could benefit from Todoist. This app provides you with a place to enter all your tasks and projects and prioritize them. You can add, complete, and even reschedule tasks whenever you like, keeping you on track at all times for both personal and business needs.


Communicate with Ease


Communication has never been easier, faster, less expensive, and more fun than it is when you use Skype. While this app is not new, it is still one of the most popular communication based apps out there. You will be able to chat with friends, family, and business contacts either by voice or video, share files, pictures, and more. There is even an instant messaging tool you can use to chat in real-time. This app is ideal when traveling and you do not want to rack up expensive phone bills.

Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

Thanks to our smart devices, you can actually turn your home into a “smart home.” As you shop around for home surveillance companies you may want to ask if the company has an app you can use with their system. These apps can allow you to see who is at your door even when you are not home, monitor whether the garage door is closed, the windows are open, or if the front door is locked. You can also adjust the lights and temperature in your home.

These apps can also be tied to hardware in your home, such as your thermostat. If you have a busy family or multiple roommates, these apps can be especially helpful. It is easy to forget to lock the door during all the commotion, and parents can check when the kids have arrived or left. These apps offer safety, convenience and peace of mind.

Some of the more popular and reliable home surveillance apps are lvideon, Reolink and iSecurity.

Making Parents’ Lives Easier and Smoother


When you become a new parent, it can feel as if life has turned upside down. You suddenly have multiple things to do, little time to sleep, and certainly not a lot of time to relax. The BabyBrain app acts like a baby log so you can keep track of the last time they ate, how long they have slept, which breast you fed on last, when you gave them medicine and more. It takes away from the stress of remembering all these important details.


How would you like to know when your baby wakes up, no matter where you are? The Babyphone app does just that. It will call a preset number in order to alert you when your baby wakes up or moves (depending on how you set the sensitivity tool). It allows parents to know what is going on with their little one as they sleep.

If you are looking for a more in-depth app that acts like a baby monitor, including video and audio, you can look into Cloud Baby Monitor, Baby Monitor by Dormi, and the Third Eye app.

Make Use of Advancing Technology

These apps are just a small look at the incredible mobile or laptop apps out there today that make use of today’s latest technology. These apps provide you with conveniences and features at the touch of your fingertips that make your day smoother, more productive, and more enjoyable.

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