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British Airways
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Experiences are invaluable. Usually, we think that buying decisions are made on logic. What if I tell you that logic is used to justify the purpose, the underlying intent is “emotion”.

Emotion represents a gamut of feeling. Usually not every brand puts money behind emotion, they strive to build sales, which is certainly acceptable but what about brand value?

In a 2015 bloggers meet-up in Mumbai, I met Christoph Trappe, the chairman of Internet Marketing Association (IMA) and learned about the art of storytelling. I learned how brands and corporate should invest in behind-the-scenes storytelling to connect with the user base.

What is the purpose? You may ask.

Brand connections and storytelling creates an emotional connect with the masses, which certainly helps to grow commercially.

For instance, I want you to watch this heart-warming video of a woman traveling to India alone on British Airways:

Didn’t it touch those hidden emotional chords? I know, I felt a tear trickling down my eyes in the end. The video strikes a deep bond of love and mutual respect. These personal connections are what makes brands move beyond sales oriented approaches and land into the realm of emotional realities.

Whether positive or negative, a human functions on the basis of emotions.

If a brand is able to capture the emotional quotient of a person, it’s going to be immensely successful.

Coming back to the British Airways advertisement, this was the first time I ever came across their ‘product’. It’s not that I never heard of them before. I did and I also know they are expensive J Anyways, watching the advertisement, I have created an “image” about them.

  • The staff is caring; they prioritize the needs of every traveler
  • They are culturally aware.
  • They are well trained in their job
  • The BA-flights look super comfortable and well equipped

If you notice, the 1st point is my emotional connect and this leads to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th point. Next time I fly to any county serviced by British Airways, I will opt to choose them over any other airline. They gave me an experience even without being present there LIVE.

There is a recall value too. Even four or five decades down the line, I will remember this video because of the way it touched me and that I think is a big achievement for any brand.

This is the value of experiences and the emotional quotient arising from these experiences helps a brand like British Airways build a loyal following.



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