Enhance Business Performance in the Cloud with NuoDB

Business Performance with Cloud
Written by Preeti Nath

Cloud computing opens up a new vista of possibilities for your business. Rather than relying on costly onsite hardware with burdensome maintenance requirements, the cloud uses remote servers and a variety of database options to store files and handle data. Many businesses are migrating away from legacy systems to embrace the benefits offered by cloud services.

Why the Cloud Matters to Your Business
To stay ahead of industry competition, you need to lower costs and improve efficiency. There’s a good chance your rivals are already utilizing cloud infrastructure to do both. If you remain locked to an outdated setup, your business could easily be left in the dust.

How can you stay ahead of the game? Migrate to the cloud to eliminate the need for endless software updates and expensive hardware upgrades. Use technology to tap into changing consumer behaviors and gain insight into the effects small changes in customer interactions have on your business from day to day. Stop being overwhelmed by this information and the other streams of data your company handles from multiple channels. If you want to beat out your competitors, taming big data and handling smaller tasks like document storage using cloud technology should be top priorities for your company.

Cloud Migration Benefits
When you choose to switch from the ancient servers clunking away in the basement and embrace the freedom of cloud computing, new opportunities for your business become apparent. Cloud environments allow you to:

• Spend less time and fewer resources hunting down important data
• Receive real-time updates on orders, inventory and shipping information
• Offer flexible or remote work opportunities for employees
• Monitor and track multiple audience metrics
• Create and deploy targeted marketing
• Provide personalized customer service
• Improve collaboration between team members and departments

Cloud applications remove the barriers created by obsolete “data silos” so that information flows freely within your company. The ability to integrate everything from customer relations to social media platforms means all data is delivered to and handled through one central location. The reduction in errors leads to a noticeable improvement in efficiency, and this translates to improved performance and better customer service.

Database Management: Flexible Cloud Computing
To migrate to the cloud and enjoy the best possible performance, you need the right tools for your company’s specific needs. Big data is so named because of its sheer volume, and it’s impossible to handle all of it without a solution like NuoDB. You can’t accurately predict the volume of information your company will handle every day, so NuoDB has created a database model with the ability to scale on demand while offering superior performance. Other options create scalable environments but don’t provide enough flexibility to allow your business to seamlessly move from high to low volume while retaining performance and keeping costs at reasonable levels.

Although there are several database models available for cloud computing, NuoDB is designed to keep management in the cloud rather than forcing you to incorporate database functionality into your applications. Simplified coding improves application performance, and the flexible nature of NuoDB means you’re not tied to legacy hardware or any single cloud provider. Costs are lower, and you retain control of your databases.

Making the cloud a key component of your company’s technology creates a more flexible, accessible environment with many opportunities for growth. As your customer base expands, you can rely on the cloud to support the increased volume of data without any change in performance. This level of efficiency improves your ability to collect, manage and monitor data, leading to better service and increased customer satisfaction.



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