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Physics is one such subject which is easy for some students and the rest scoring well requires a lot of effort and hard work. Understanding the scientific concepts related to physics is more important than getting good marks. Physics has contributed a lot in the world around us. Every little thing around the globe has concepts of physics.

To be outstanding in this subject, there are few aspects which one needs to master at.

#1 Understand the basic concepts and master at it:

This subject is based on theories which are the basics and to understand the other concepts which are related to this central theory; the student needs to memorise the basic constants and equations at first. The derivations of the basic equation are very important. Once the student masters Physics Formulas, it will be easier to score well.

#2 Good math skill:

Physics is mostly based on math. There are numerical which are based on complex equations. Math is regarded as “the language of physics”. The fundamentals of math are essential in solving those complex numerical in physics. The mostly common math topics that are related to physics are:

  • Geometry (for problems on volume, area)
  • Algebra (basic equations and problems)
  • Pre-calculus and calculus (derivatives and integrals)
  • Trigonometry (for angled systems, rotation problems)

#3 To simplify every physics problem:

The problem may seem difficult to solve at first, but the student needs to keep calm and think of a solution before assuming. Simplification is an important aspect of solving numerical in physics. There are questions which look like an essay, but it is advisable not to panic instead to simplify the sum and bring it to a situation which is well acquainted with the student. Drawing helps to understand a theory or a concept well. A complicated concept can be simplified easily by drawing.

#4 By using strategies which are useful for scoring well:

There are physics problems which contain added information which is not required to focus on the problem. The pieces of information which are relevant need to be only considered. The correct units are very important where students tend to lose a lot of marks. Some of the most common units are:

  • Force: Newton
  • Acceleration: meters/second square
  • Mass: grams/kilograms
  • Velocity: meters/second
  • Power: Watt
  • Energy/work: Joules or kilojoules   

#5 Physics Class: These classes should be done very attentively. Before every upcoming lecture, the topic needs to be read once. The notes are to be reviewed at home along with practising sums every day. The more one practices it, will not only help the student to score well but also make the concepts clearer. The NCERT books in CBSE also have practice papers which are of great utility for the students to master in this subject.

Every student has their technique to study a specific subject, so it is recommended to try different strategies as per their convenience. These techniques will help when used together.

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With a degree in Engineering, Shreya Banerjee is a content writer by profession. She is a voracious reader apart from writing and blogging along with part-time teaching. She is presently exploring all about the digital education with Byju’s-the Learning App.



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