5 Classic Animated Shows that Shaped 90s Children

classic animated shows
Written by Jessee R

I love animation. One the major reasons my childhood was filled with fun memories is because I watched umpteen numbers of animated masterpieces. I may be sounding weird to you but think about it.

The cartoon and anime universe is a place where all your fantastical imaginations come true. You can be a superhero and save cities at once, you can wear a mask and do anything you feel like, you needn’t say a word and yet make people crumble with laughter just by chasing a mouse.

For kids in the 90s, watching classic animated shows was and will always be one the major influences in their lives. It is in mine.

So here is my post giving a small token of tribute and imploring those who have yet to explore this domain of classic anime television.

5 Classic Animated Shows from the 90s

Here they are:

#1 Tom & Jerry

classic animated shows tom and jerry

What a laugh riot this show was. Laws of nature were often broken to give virtual life to insane but hilarious imaginations as the lovable Tom deployed countless efforts to trap the cutest mouse of them all, Jerry but sadly always in vain.

The more I think about this show today the more mesmerised I am the effort and genius put into it. Very few other shows have made serious success with the mime form of screenplay (no voice over). The show also features classic cartoon characters like Butch the Bull Dog and is as addictive as any narcotic drug!

#2 The Mask

classic animated shows the mask

The idea of wacky and over the top humour mixed with an idea of a superhero. That is essentially what the Mask is. “Smokin” when it comes to delivering power packed one-liners and landing you on your stomachs as you laugh so hard.

The Mask has gone on to become one of the most popular cartoon characters and also been portrayed in movies. None other than comedy legend Jim Carrey played the role of the uncanny hero in the movie of the same name!

#3 Fox Kids Ensemble

classic animated shows fox kids ensemble

I remember my daily routine back when I was in school. Every evening at 4:30 pm I would leave everything else I was doing and switch on to Star Plus. Why? Because the fox kids show was on with fresh exploits of Spiderman, Swat Cats, Centurions and a lot more. Sometimes they also featured comedic heroes like the Twig.

I was a loyal fan of this daily weekday offering for quite a while and right up till they shut it down. I still cannot comprehend why they did that. So many legendary cartoons in one show, it was fun really. I especially loved the classic Spiderman shows over which the Toby McGuire movie franchise was based.

My other favourites were the Swat Cats, an alternate universe where cats are highly intelligent beings walking on two legs and having their own heroes with private air bases and all.

Ah! It was fantastic.

#4 Batman the Animated Series

classic animated shows batman

Ah! Batman seems to recur in my posts when it comes to entertainment. But you know, that’s because: He is Batman. But there was a time when there was not such a dark tone to Gotham’s caped crusader.

This changed when the new Batman Animated Series was launched. It brought in a completely shady Gotham and much darker Batman. This animated series went on to become the inspiration of the acclaimed Tim Burton batman movies where Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney played the part of the anti-hero (With the last one being a total fiasco).

The universe that this genius show has inspired will also be seen in Batman Vs. Superman next year. Hat’s off!

#5 Duck Tales

Duck Tales Classic Animated Shows

There are few shows where you fall in love with all the characters. Duck Tales, for me, was one such animated marvel. The characters had brilliant personal attributes and were given space to have an influence of their own.

There was our good old Uncle Scrooge, a shrewd man when it came to money but a complete family guy as he loved his three stooges Huey, Dewey and Louie who were lovable little brats. Then there was there dumb but loyal pilot Launchpad and another bunch of them.

Together, they indulged in new adventures each episode and always delivered great laughs and learning lessons for us as kids… blessed times indeed.

 Over to You

Animated shows have not only pushed the feather of human imagination forward over the course of their presence but have also helped generations of kids in providing the much-needed curiosity and entertainment through their holistic designs. That is the reason why I love them even more today?

As for when I remember my childhood, they were a major part of making it wonderful! What do you think?



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