CognitiveSEO Review: SEO Tool to Monitor Website Link Profile

CognitiveSEO Review
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Being a Digital Marketer, I am always on the lookout for new tools and software which helps cater to my clients better. In the process, I also get help from these tools to improve my own online presence and influence. One the best tools which I have come across in this segment is the CognitiveSEO Tool.

I found that this SEO software will genuinely provide you with the best support in class digital marketing and related insights for improving your business. It is an awesome tool to monitor your site evolution and improve its ranking and traffic generating potential.

CognitiveSEO Review: Why is it such a Powerful Tool?

Well, we will see that in detail.

In a nutshell, I can say that it helps you by actively analyzing and tracking your site and your competitors.

Its SEO tools provide a unique analysis and extract critical data to supplement your internet marketing campaigns.

The reporting and data analysis is exhaustive, simple and easy to interpret, understand and comprehend.

Now let us look at it in detail.

Strong Backlink Analysis

They have a very robust backlink analysis algorithm which aggregates data from most trusted link databases and provides you with a complete set of links. It provides you with an individual based backlink audit where link demands of each customer are recorded, analyzed and reported.

CognitiveSEO Review

Link Graph

It provides you with essential data for link research. We all know that link building is THE key step towards attaining high ranking and attracting more traffic. Thus, I believe that this is a very potent offering from CognitiveSEO. 

You can quickly inspect the backlinks on your site through their site explorer. It also allows you to assess the link strategies of your competitors and base your own strategies in informed decisions.

Their system allows you to customize triggers and get notified about your and other sites directly in your inbox. That is one less thing to worry about!

Better Rank Tracking

For a digital marketer, rank tracking is important to formulate all kinds of marketing and content strategies. Only when you know your current predicament can you think about solutions to improve it.

CognitiveSEO SERP Checker provides in-depth keyword analysis to accurately track your sites’ rankings. It integrates data from Search metrics and thus, provides deep insight for SEO professional.

This SEO visibility helps you have a better grasp of the entire campaign and allows you to formulate better strategies for increased traffic and ranking. You also get to monitor your sites performance.

The alerts system, automatically updates your inbox about any changes in ranking to you, your team and your clients. Therefore, you can quickly react to the situation by following up with the required action.

They allow you to track your competitors’ rankings too! I believe this is their Major USP. This is because the basis of effective online campaigns is to outperform your rivals and that is exactly what it helps you with.

The reporting is very customizable. You can easily export your reports into readable PDF documents. This helps in easy interpretation and analysis.

CognitiveSEO Customizable Interface and Dashboard

You can easily customize the SEO dashboard to give it more personal and professional look and feel. It has over 35 metrics which allow you to get essential data in real time. You can easily share the same with your team members and clients. This helps you get heightened credibility among your clientele as you can deliver and explain reports and figures more accurately and easily.

All the essential data is displayed so that you can glance around it at any time. It is designed to speed up the monitoring process. Therefore, the solutions are quick and comprehensive. Thus, CognitiveSEO scores top marks for me when it comes to helping boost productivity and efficiency.

These features allow you to make on the spot decisions which are based on relevant information rather than hunches. You can have a side by side website comparison which can help you compare yourself and your competition in a more scalable way.

Using these features you can tap into the real activity which is happening in your social media network. This helps in revelations about competitor strategy and their impacts through which you can foster new and improved insights about your own marketing mix in no time. It works great for any niche and allows you create B2C as well as B2B marketing strategies easily.

Added Advantages and API

The added advantage of these SEO tools is how they can guide you in your content strategy too. You get to understand the demands of your target audience when you analyse your sites and your competitors. You get to know what works and what does not. You get rid of ineffective ideas and fill your campaigns with robust and quality tactics.

Their SEO tools crawl and extract the social shares from all analyzed pages and give you a better idea of the engagement and traffic that the pages generate. Thus, they provide with effective and exhaustive content auditing too!

Impressive, isn’t it?

You can also use their API which allows you to use the processed data and integrate them in the business flows. This can be done with link analysis, rank tracking, social visibility metrics and all other data.

Some examples where you can use their API are:

  • Run In-depth Link Audits
  • Extract Unnatural Links from Sites
  • Track keyword rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Identify most shared content on a site
  • Get new links on a daily basis
  • Get broken link reports
  • Re-crawl the links in a site automatically
  • Process third-party links
  • Add important data to external dashboards

The only catch is that this API is available for only Premium Subscription. Different packages have different API credits. You can always buy more credits. The number of sites you can run this API on is also limited by subscription.

With that being said and details on pricing coming up on the CognitiveSEO review, I still am inclined towards purchasing this tool for premium services because the potential for performance and subsequent results is great.

CognitiveSEO Review: Pricing

The plus here is the 14-day free trial of all their services which they provide. This helps you in getting an idea whether this tool will genuinely help you or not. Digital Marketers with certain expertise will have enough time in those 14 days to make a purchasing decision based on performance.

All plans which range from $99 a month to $999 month provide you will all the features with just one exception. The $99 plan does not provide you with API whereas the others do with different limits on usage.

I believe the plans are quite flexible and conveniently priced. I will not advise purchase for novice marketers and bloggers as the pricing will take a toll on their income. Well established marketers can purchase subscriptions based on the scale of their operations.


Based on our CognitiveSEO review and usage, I strongly recommend CognitiveSEO to all digital evangelists out there. It helps you deliver better on your promises. It guides you towards better online campaign and marketing strategies and helps you realise the full potential of your sites and improve it further more.

I hope the CognitiveSEO review helped you gain better insight on web analysis. Do share your comments below.



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  • Great article. Another useful tool for reviewing competitors to add to your list is BuzzSumo, type in the competitor’s domain name and it will show their most shared content, the networks the content is most shared on, their top content formats and who shares their content.

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