What are the Benefits & Flexibility of Staying in Corporate Serviced Apartments?

Written by Shashank Gangari

Without a doubt, managing a business is a herculean task. An entrepreneur has to lead a team, connect with other business owners and attend numerous meetings around the globe. When it comes to attending international meetings or running cross-border projects, it becomes necessary to book an expensive hotel to receive top-notch amenities and services. However, some of the entrepreneurs only book hotels to relax and sleep and not because of the facilities the hotel provide.

For all such people, spending extra money for the things which they do not want to use is not a smart idea. If you are among those corporate people who just want a place to sleep, then the best option for you is to stay in corporate serviced apartments. Unlike hotels, a corporate serviced apartment is a full-fledged apartment where you will get all the necessary facilities that you get at your home.  However, some of the people are unaware of these apartments or its benefits.

Here are the top benefits of staying in a corporate serviced apartment on your next business trip. The benefits were suggested by MetroResidences, which is Asia’s leading platform for a high quality corporate serviced apartment. Founded in 2014, Metro Residences is backed by Rakuten and 500Startups, and it is a known brand in providing high quality furnished apartments in the Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong regions. The company has 1000+ properties attached to its portal, offering affordable and quality apartment rentals.

#1 Budget-Friendly

As mentioned above, most of the businessmen only stay in the hotel to sleep. Spending a lot of money in an expensive hotel just for sleeping is a waste of money. Corporate serviced apartments are much cheaper than an average hotel room. Not only that, but they come with all the amenities that your hotel may be providing and even better. Almost every such apartment is well furnished and has all the facilities that you get at your home, including a separate kitchen. This is most helpful when you are looking to create food on your own rather than ordering unhealthy food.

#2 Location

Most of the hotels are made explicitly for travelers and not for corporate people due to which these hotels are situated near the tourist spots. When a corporate executive plans to stay in any tourist hotel, they have to bear the extra cost of traveling to the business locations. So, if you are booking any such hotel, you are not only paying for the expensive hotel rooms, but you also have to pay for the traveling cost.

On the other hand, almost every corporate serviced hotel is made by keeping in mind the requirements of the corporate people which is the reason why they are located near the business areas. You do not have to bear high travel expenses.

#3 Privacy

In a hotel, you are staying with numerous other people. Though you will be staying in an entirely different room, but still a little bit of your privacy is compromised. However, in a corporate serviced apartment, the only one staying in the complete apartment is you and your known people. Whether you want to host a meeting or want to throw a party, you are guaranteed that your quality time will not be disturbed by any other person.

#4 Flexibility

When it comes to hotels, then they have fixed check-in time, and only allow a limited number of people per room. On the other hand, these apartments provide the user with great flexibility where there is no set time for check-in. Moreover, there is no limitation on the number of the people you want to live with. The best thing is that whether you want to stay with one individual or five people, the charge for the apartment will be the same while the hotels increase the charge due to the same reason.

Apart from that, hotels do not provide much flexibility on the food. They do provide you with numerous options, but sometimes you want something else. A corporate serviced apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook whatever you want to eat or you can hire a personal cook for an additional charge.

#5 Long Stay Discounts

Sometimes it is not decided that once the work in a city is over, you will be heading back to your home city. Sometimes you need to stay for a longer period. In that case, there are fewer chances that a hotel will provide you with a long stay discount. When it comes to a corporate serviced apartment, then they have discounted rates for monthly and quarterly stays.  

#6 Comfort

A hotel room does not give homely feeling. Though a corporate serviced apartment may not provide you with your home feeling, but it can surely fill the gap. As it comes with a bedroom, living room, kitchen and a separate bathroom which could provide you with home-like comfort.


Living in a corporate serviced house is surely better than staying in a hotel room, especially if you are a corporate traveler. These were some of the significant benefits that the corporate serviced apartments provide which will help you in determining whether you should book your stay in an apartment or a hotel.



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