How to Use Liber.io to Create eBooks On Google Drive?

Create Ebooks with Liber.io
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eBooks are the electronic versions of printed books which can be viewed virtually. This article introduces you to Liber.io and details how to use Liber.io to create eBooks and sync it with Google Drive.

What is Liber.io?

Publishing eBooks is made simple with the help of Liber.io. This is a free website which operates with the help of Google Drive. Any Gmail account holder can log into the Liber.io to create eBooks. Just login to Liber.io through your Gmail account and all is set.

How to Create a Liber.io Account?

The steps are simple and secure:-

1) Go to Liber.io.

2) Log in with the Google account.

3) The request for permission has the following criteria:

  • View your email address
  • View your basic profile info
  • Add itself to Google Drive
  • View and manage the files and documents in your Google Drive
  • Manage your books

4) The next step is to Cancel or Accept the terms, conditions and policies of the company.

In the second page is for opening a new account. The person has to set the password by entering and re-entering a new password for the account. A new account of Liber.io is created via Google Drive.

The user can then open the Google drive and then go to the Liber.io account to publish any text based content on the Internet.

The process is: My Drive > New > More > Liber.io > Select the File > Create

After filling the specific information, comes the Go Create option.

How to Use Liber.io to Create eBooks?

Step 1 is to write the text document in MS Document format and upload it is Google drive. Writing in Google docs can also be done. Liber.io is able to convert a normal text document into an eBook. Microsoft word documents or Google drive sources can be used to import the text based document to Liber.io.

Step 2 is to import it to the Liber.io account. Once imported, the document is ready for styling. The different features like images, fonts and various text formats are available in Liber.io. A person can upload his/her image as the cover image, make an imprint or select from the wide range of cover templates for free.

Step 3 is the publishing of the eBook. Liber.io is a free eBook publishing website where the official standards are maintained. It gives access to writers to make their eBooks ready to publish. Google Play Books, iBooks Store and Amazon are some of the chief eBook stores.

Now the person can share or upload the eBooks in these stores directly from Liber.io. The eBooks can also be shared in social networking websites like Twitter or Facebook and even in Google+.

Many people search for eBooks based on different topics. With this free online publishing tool, a person can write the content, design it and later publish it. These all can be done directly from the Liber.io through the Google Drive.


With the help of this free publishing tool, more people from different professions are able to write their scientific papers, technical manuals, novels, stories or transcripts.

I hope the article is able to successfully teach how to use Liber.io to create eBooks on Google Drive. If you have doubts, share below.



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