Crystal: Email Software, The Cheat Sheet For Responses

crystal email software

We’ve been drafting emails for so long now that it really doesn’t require an introduction. Instead, if we get to know, what exactly is the state of mind of the recipient is what that matters.

An application called Crystal, offers a perfect cheat sheet, which predicts the email on the basis of the behavior of the recipient and helps to draft a flawless email!

Apart from predicting the interests and behavior of the recipient, this email software also predicts the way your conversation might follow. Intrigued?

All that Crystal does is check the internet’s database of the particular email address. The information that is publicly available about the recipient and his/her activities, others who have written about them like tweets, LinkedIn, Blog Posts, Facebook data, comments et al and amalgamates it into a manual.

Crystal advices on how to speak to the person, email them, work with them and sell your ideas. It manages to search every percent of the public profiles and portrays an anatomy of the social personality a person possess.

5 Reasons Crystal Email Software is a MUST!

Here are the reasons why this email software is a cheat sheet and a pure genius!

#1 Crystal email software helps build the social personality profile

It creates a pseudo personality for users, by accessing all the public activities done by the user on different web portals and analysis the needs and desires of that particular person. The primary key to impress someone is to show that you know!

#2 Helps build emails by syncing in your Gmail profile.

Crystal is an autonomous website along with being a Google Chrome extension, which means syncing data with Gmail and easier accessibility is on the cards for sure! To begin with, this email software gives a free “practice account,” which gives an insight to all the features of the website for two weeks.

#3 Analyse personality profile

This email software analyzes the personality profile it creates for the users and on the basis of its analysis suggests the exact words that the person may like, are to be used.

#4 Predicts the interaction that might follow

It predicts all sorts of responses that the recipient may think of to reply you, and hence shows all possible ways to mold the conversation to your benefit!

#5 Analyze the kind of relationship you can have with your recipient

Crystal effortlessly by now is known for the analysis it does; it can even analyze the kind of relationship you might end up having with the recipient and help build stronger and stable business connections.



Even though a question still lingers on the mind that are we so susceptible to the virtual space that we overlook our policy matters with ease. The email software Crystal does prove to be a cheat sheet which helps with responses on the virtual space.



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