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Custom Short URLs: Learn How to Re-Brand your Links?

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Oh! The agony of long URLs! links! These can neither be sent in emails nor shared on WhatsApp or Twitter conveniently without breaking them into many lines. The recipient needs to put them back again to use them, wasting precious time and energy. Little wonder many long URLs have a short life; many a times they remain unused, just because of their length!

Now don’t you wish you had a mechanism by which you could reduce the size of the URL without affecting its functionality. The answer is custom short URLs. Of course, there are many URL shortners available that help us copy-paste the URL in its shortened version to fit into, say Twitter accounts, but these are not convenient.

A new trend was witnessed at sites like The New York Times that shortened their URL to ‘nyti.ms’. This certainly revolutionized the way of sending and sharing URLs. It is evident that a custom shortened link is both convenient and time-saving and proves excellent for building a personal or business brand. There are plenty of websites offering the service of customer shortening of URLs, but the domain that has taken this service by storm is ‘Rebrandly’.

What is Rebrandly?

Rebrandly is a domain to create, share and manage branded links. It helps individuals and companies to branded custom short URLs with their name or brand by giving them a specific domain name. What’s more, Rebrandly not only creates and directly shares the new branded link from the browser extension, even as you surf the net, but also measures and stores it in your dashboard.

Rebrandly also helps you to register a new domain name directly, offering more than 500 extensions. And all this is done in the most efficient and time-saving manner through an automatized setup that shortens your personal link in minutes to give you a branded link that is memorable, pronounceable and customizable. It is no wonder Rebrandly holds an edge over other URL shortner domains.

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How to use Rebrandly for Custom Short URLs?

Rebrandly provides the simplest and least complex means to create, share and manage branded short links with your custom domain names. These custom short URLs are a fresh approach to create cool, descriptive short links, using your custom branded domain name and not some anonymous series of figures and letters. This makes the links simple to pronounce and easy to remember. The result: your brand promotion.

Using Rebrandly is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the website https://www.rebrandly.com and create an account by clicking on ‘Sign up now’.
  • Fill up the information asked for or use your social media account for directly creating your account.
  • Once you have filled up the information needed, click on ‘Create Account’.
  • You will be provided with 3 options to complete the setup: 1) Rebrand the first link; 2) Get Chrome Extension; 3) Register your custom domain. Choose or skip these steps, as per your requirement.
  • If you have chosen ‘Rebrand a new link’, you will need to provide your link in ‘Type or Paste a link’.
  • Give your personal domain name/link. You also have the option to even change the Slashtag. This done, hit the ‘Save’ button.
  • Now copy the link and paste it to any browser and hit ‘Enter’. Rebrandly updates reports of tracking your branded links ‘clicks’ every 5 minutes. For this, you just need to hover your mouse and click.
  • For registering a custom domain both for your personal or company branding, click on ‘Domains’.
  • You can also install the ‘Apps’ as Chrome Extension.

Why use Rebrandly?

URL shortners or short links, such as ‘short.ly/T3N94B’, are not only difficult to remember and pronounce, but leave the visitor with the impression, “What the hell is this short link all about?” Of course, such links are difficult for anyone to consign to memory, leave alone trust them. They also appear spammy and are often blacklisted.

Rebrandly not only shortens the URL, but also gives the exact description of the link being visited, making it most trustworthy. It has been observed that with a branded short link, such as ‘brand.link/marketing’, there is an increase of 30% in the CTR. This is because the visitors get encouraged to click, since they know exactly what they are clicking on.


Another big advantage of using the services of Rebrandly is the ease of remembering branded short links. The links also become SEO (Search Engine Optimization)-friendly, since they have a keyword at the end of the URL. So, they will rise up in the searches on the search engines and become more accessible.

What’s more, Rebrandly allows you to use Goo.gl short URLs with your own custom domains.

Pros and Cons of using Rebrandly

Rebrandly boasts of a very strong security and server network, making it a worthwhile resource for users. The domain enables checking of uptime reports at status.rebrandly.com. Rebrandly holds advantage over, say, a WordPress plugin, in that it has 99% uptime and ensures that its links are always operational. This is thanks to the people behind Rebrandly, who devote a major part of their time, effort and developer resources on keeping them operational. The 24/7 access of Rebrandly helps people in trudging through the masses of websites and links cluttering the worldwide web in a neat way.

Among the cons, there are chances of service disruption due to issues or outages arising in your domain provider or Top-Level Domain, such as .com. Nothing can be done about this at Rebrandly’s or users’ level, since such issues are out of reach and control of either.  Rebrandly is also not integrated with certain apps, such as BufferApp and is also not fully ready with stats. I hope these cons will be taken care of in future.


With Rebrandly, the time of using URLs with long alphanumeric combinations is all but over. The short and crisp short links, which are branded and customized, is here and how!



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