Delhi Breaks 20-Year record for the Highest Number of Dengue Cases

Dengue cases

The Capital has set a new record with the number of dengue cases this year crossing the 12,000 mark, the highest since 1996.

As of Thursday, a total of 12,020 cases have been registered in Delhi, with 10,191 of the patients contracting the vector-borne disease in the Capital and 1,829 in other States.

A total of 32 people have died of dengue this year. In 1996, a total of 10,253 people had been infected with dengue and 423 had died from the disease.

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s Najafgarh Zone tops the list with 832 cases, followed by the East Delhi Municipal Corporation’s Shahdara (North) and Shahdara (South) zones with 802 and 698 cases respectively.

Meanwhile, health officials say the number of patients coming to the municipal hospitals has fallen drastically. One of the busiest hospitals in the area, the North Corporation’s Bara Hindu Rao Hospital was seeing around 700 patients every day in its fever clinic.

On Thursday, the fever clinic saw 421 patients and there were 245 hospital beds occupied by dengue patients, down from 600 patients that were admitted on September 14, according to Director of Hospital Administration Dr. D.K. Seth.

The number of dengue cases is the highest since we started maintaining records, but one must keep the population increase since 1996 into account, said Dr. Seth.

He added that the attendance at the fever clinics at Hindu Rao and Kasturba hospitals was down 45 percent, and dengue was on its way out as the temperature dips.

In 1996, over 423 patients had succumbed to the viral disease. This year’s toll is the highest in the capital in the last five years. Serological tests performed at AIIMS have confirmed that two of the stronger strains — dengue type 4 and type 2 — are dominant this year. The virus has four strains which circulate in India periodically.



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