Digital Marketing Trends That Have Dominated In 2017

digital marketing trends
Written by Preeti Nath

Digital marketing trends determine the course of action in the major industries for many years. A successful marketer should keep track of current and future trends, but it’s important to use only those that can better emphasize the uniqueness of your company. The rest ought to be maximally adapted to the specific of the business.

The optimal marketing strategy is to observe the change of trends as we observe a course of a large river, sometimes applying necessary changes, but staying loyal to the corporate style.

So, what were the major digital marketing trends in 2017?

  1. Content Marketing

For the last three years, content marketing has been consistently in the top-3 digital trends. According to HubSpot, 40% of brands use a strategic approach to content marketing.

Therefore, we can suggest that this trend will retain its positions in the following years. It is expected that with the increasing competition in this area, the importance of tracking ROI will be critical. Scott Brinker from Martech also predicts the growth of the interactive content popularity.

  1. Big Data

The ability to collect actual data grows along with the number of available formats. It is not surprising that many marketing experts, such as marketing consultants in Melbourne, consider this trend to be the most significant for business development. Personalization and predictive analytics can effectively increase sales. And the use of machine algorithm makes these techniques even more perfect.

  1. Marketing automation

Along with content marketing, automation has been in the top three trends for the past few years. According to the State of Marketing Automation, many companies have the potential to improve marketing automation, which is why this technique remains relevant.

After the brands master the new approach, they will pay special attention to the evaluation of the leads and the identification of suitable steps the clients have to undertake for the actual use of the content. The predictive analytics will help the businesses in this matter.

  1. Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing was in the top 3 digital marketing trends for 2017. Many companies have already adjusted their online platforms to the requirements of mobile users, however, according to the research, the conversion rates of online stores on mobile devices are lower than on PCs.

Therefore, brands still have something to work on in the following years. Mobile devices also greatly influenced the search because Google prefers mobile-first sites. It should be taken into account that such an approach can negatively affect the conversion rates for large screens. Therefore, mobile marketing must be integrated into a multi-channel strategy.

  1. SMM

Marketers continue to be actively interested in social networks. These channels help them to expand coverage, increase involvement and strengthen the loyalty of the audience. According to statistics, the use of social networks is growing steadily, although the popularity of some platforms has recently declined.

For example, Twitter and Facebook are losing their positions, and Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest, on the contrary, are gaining more popularity. The active monetization of social networks has also affected the way businesses utilize these platforms. Now, to expand the coverage brands have to pay. But at the same time, there are more advanced options for targeting and remarketing.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Mobile SEO techniques were of particular importance in 2017 since Google announced the introduction of mobile index and AMP. These changes mostly affected publishers, but the brands that are actively blogging have also experienced these new rules in action.

  1. Wearable

Wearable devices are incredibly popular among users around the world. 2017 showed their importance for marketing, and specialists predict that in the following years their influence will only grow.

  1. New strategies for email marketing

A new trend in this area is inbox zero, or the fight against the cluttering of the Inbox folder. It means that to be noticed you will have to fight even harder. To protect their email boxes from unnecessary mailings, businesses prefer other channels of communication: phone, social networks, Skype and other messengers.

At the same time, the importance of email-mailings as a tool has increased: most people perceive mail viewing similar to viewing a news feed. To keep the balance between informing and annoying companies prefer to collect separate news in one newsletter and send them once a month.

Some of the named digital marketing trends will continue to take the lead positions in 2018. However, we predict that artificial intelligence and machine learning will play an increasing role in the future.



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