Disruptive Innovations? Must Have’s in The Modern Technology!

disruptive innovation in modern technology

Disruptive innovations are those innovations that create a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leaders and alliances. The world being constantly dynamic in its needs has adapted to this technology at a rapid pace.

These disruptive innovations in modern technology have displaced the older versions of technology to build up an entirely new state of technology which proves to be not only good but even better

5 Disruptive Innovations in Modern Technology 

The top notch disruptive innovations in modern technology to make it to the top 5’s list are:

#1 Leapfrogging Technology

Leapfrogging is the concept that revolves around areas which have a poorly-developed technology or an unstable economic base, that can move forward rapidly through the adoption of modern systems. All this, that too without going through the intermediary steps.

The technologies in which leapfrogging is done are web development, Drupal development, Geo- Mapping, E-Commerce and mobile apps amongst the few.

#2 Electronic Music

Who doesn’t like being surrounded by Gizmos and techie music? Too loud and brash but high on beats to impulsive foot tapping.

Electronic Dance Music, (EDM) has made its way to the disruptive innovations in modern technology for having developed an entirely new industry. What’s more of a golden feather? Applications that help in creating this kind of music. Digital Audio Workstation, is the key to creating professional Electronic Dance Music!

#3 Disruptive Innovation in Academia

Remember the old books that you use as a referential for your science projects? Yes, aren’t they just dusting off in your old closets? Possibly, as they have been switched over to Wikipedia. Yes, the same name which strikes your mind, whenever you want to know about anything.

This is one of those perfect examples of Disruptive innovations in modern technology which have shifted the entire base from old hardbound textual content to digitised textual content available on a click of a button.


#4 Biometric Fingerprint Attendance

Every time you enter your office, you punch in your attendance. But isn’t it just too minimal to notice, that they have replaced, now a long existing system of manual registration of the attendance. Making it biometric has possibly been disruptive enough to change the traditional system, it also has made the tabulation easier.

#5 Cloud Computing

The last effective disruptive innovation in modern technology that has helped the world for better is Cloud Computing. Just an access of internet and a click away is the information to be accessed. Uploading of information on the cloud makes it easier to access from anywhere at any point of time.

These are the top 5 disruptive innovations in modern technology which we believe have the capacity to change the world for good. If we have missed out on something you know, feel free to tell us in the comments section below.



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