Sandcastle: Dutch Sand Sculptors turn Childhood Fantasy into Reality

Dutch sand sculptors

Staying in a sandcastle has been a childhood fantasy of every child, this fantasy has turned into reality by the Dutch sand sculptors by creating the world’s first real life “sandcastle hotel” complete with drawbridge and turrets.

Tourists and children have flocked this summer to the small southern Dutch city of Oss to spend a night in the specially built rooms in the castle entirely with sand. Entirely created with sand, this sculpture is giving an unique experience to the people visiting here.

This hotel is so well designed and decorated that the guests need not worry about getting sand into their beds, the hotel provides a luxurious overnight stay in a regular bed, a fully equipped bathroom and the floor is lined with plush grey carpet. All this is available at 150 euros(Rs. 10,800) per night.

The structure is made from sand treated with special lime to help it bind and harden, thereby preventing the structure from crashing in or on its residents.

“This idea came from the Ice hotel in Finland and Sweden,” said the hotel manager Maud Van Leeuwen. The ice hotels feature ice beds and room temperature can go below minus eight-degree celsius. But like the Scandinavian ice hotels, the sand hotel is built as an ephemeral artwork and will be broken down at the end of summer.

The two hotels were built in Netherlands where annual sand sculpture festivals are held: one at Oss and the other in the northern Frisian city of Sneek.

The sand hotels are expected to be back at the same two venues next year and will perhaps also make an appearance in Germany and Britain.



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