6 Actionable Ways to Earn Money from Every Blog Post

Earn Money from Every Blog Post

It is a situation where bloggers blindly create content, publish and become desperate to earn money from every blog post. Conventional blogging is dead.

A large chunk of such bloggers quit in few months.

If you want blogging to work for you, don’t be a hard worker, be a smart worker. How? Keep reading.

6 Actionable Ways to Earn Money from Every Blog Post

Each of these ways has undergone a long-term personal experimentation. Some will give instant money, some in the long-run.

Each and every method listed here will always bring in money.

Follow them.

#1 Encourage Guest Authors to Write Product Based Posts

Adding a lot of good guest authors on your blog not only helps to keep content flowing but helps to earn money too.

For instance, I ask the contributor to create a listicle. The contributor does 90% of the work by creating the content. What I will do is check out the sites mentioned in the list, check if they have an affiliate option, sign up, add the affiliate code in the guest article via Thirsty Affiliates WordPress plugin and publish.

Further, the guest author promotes the post in his/her audience networks. Who benefits? Both of us! The author gets authority backlink and traffic; I get to make some money!

There is a higher chances of earning money from contributed posts because not one, but two (me and the guest author) people are recommending a series of products.

If you already have reviews written about some of the products, link them too. If not, start researching.

#2 Ask Anonymous “Bloggers” to Pay

This happens with every blogger.

I get emails coming from “bloggers” who want to guest post on my site and get one or two backlinks in return.

These proposals always come from ghost bloggers who are earning money by selling their writing services or advertising agencies contracting massive guest blogging assignments. Nothing bad in this! Usually, we reject these offers.

But, next time, don’t reject them outright. Send them a reply.

I usually reply welcoming them to guest post on my blog, provided the content is good and adheres to guidelines. In return, I expect a fee from them.

In the last 4 years, I have had 7 positive responses out of every 10 such replies.

#3 Write a Review – Sponsored / Non-Sponsored – Both Works!

Writing a review is a sure shot way for every blogger to earn money from every blog post.

  • Double Money Possibility

Here, the product or service owner contacts you with a paid review deal. You not only get paid for the full content but you can also add the specific product affiliate link and earn passive income.

Of course, you have to rank the review to get any affiliate money benefit.

  • Single but Passive Earning Possibility

Here, no one pays you to write a review. You choose a product, write a review and add your affiliate link.

Again, you need to rank the review.

#4 Become a Prolific Guest Blogger

Now, this point might seem to be in contradiction to point (2) above but do read to understand the subtle difference.

I will use my own example. My loyal blog readers know that I guest blog on authoritative blogs. Mind you, when I approach a blog for a guest contribution, I am not an “anonymous” blogger. I show my credentials.

Suppose, you want to be mentioned in one such guest post but you don’t have the writing skills. Of course, not everyone has writing potential.

Therefore, you contact me and request to mention your product or service in the next guest blog and agree to pay the writing cost.

Caution: Be careful when you use this method. If you accept such assignments, you need to be clever enough to make the insertion natural and relevant. Relevance is the topmost priority.

#5 Accept Sponsored Posts

Some bloggers confuse sponsored posts with sponsored reviews. Both are different.

In a sponsored post, you are not doing any review. The sponsored post buyer gives you a content piece and you publish it for a fee. Of course, one or two backlinks are involved.

Sometimes you are also asked to write the “sponsored” post in lieu of a much higher fee.

I know money is a big motivation here but do not lose focus on content quality just to earn some money.

Over few weeks and months, you can create a good base of sponsored post buyers and earn money from every blog post. Keep in mind 3 things:

  • Maintain blog quality
  • Check out external link/s before accepting the deal
  • Clarify the number of weeks or months you need to keep the post ‘live’.

Don’t forget to add a declaration at the end of the post that it is sponsored.

#6 Sell 5 Blog Post Spaces

When you own a property, you can either build a home for yourself or build a home and rent it out to many families for a short-time.

Your blog domain is your property. You have built it. You live in it but you also have extra space and it won’t hurt to “rent” it to others, that is, advertisers.

You will have the authority to dictate what happens with the rented space.

For instance, you can allow the advertiser to promote products. Or, you can place the advertisers’ ad on 5 blog posts for a pre-determined number of days. Or, you can do some reviews. Or, you can publish sponsored stories.

There are endless opportunities. Just make sure you don’t compromise on content quality and linking ethics. Keep track of all the transactions so you don’t lose out on blog space “rent”.

Over to You

If you have any issues, doubts and confusion to discuss or clarify, please use the comment section below. Try out any of these strategies and start to earn money from every blog post.



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