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Esocialwiz v/s BufferApp v/s HootSuite Social Media Management Tools Comparison

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Before we go into the comparison of these three social media management tools, let us go understand the need for social media management tools. This glance will give you a clear understanding of the three social media tools discussed later in the article.

First, what is a social media management tool? Answering this question would make you understand better in the forthcoming comparison.

What is a Social Media Management Tool?

Social media plays a vital role in the furtherance of online businesses.  Millions of people use social media tools; you can read LIVE data here. The existence of multiple social channels makes it tough for online businesses to manage and interact with each on an even scale; hence, there is the need for social media tools.

Esocialwiz, HootSuite, and BufferApp are examples of such tools.

If you are one among the people who uses social media networks for their business development, then choosing a social media management tool can do you the favor in managing and organizing the social media accounts at a single place. The elegant and effective management of the social media platforms could be done only through using these tools. These tools can help you in the improvement of client engagement and help you in doing tasks in a simpler way, thus, saving your precious time. You need to choose the right tool for the best outcome.

Let’s move on to the comparison between three social media management tools: Esocialwiz, BufferApp, and HootSuite.


Esocialwiz is a holistic social media management tool for brands and agencies.  Some of the important features of this tool include Visual Composer, above 1 million free stock photos, statistics, schedule, bulk upload, and cost effectiveness.

What can you do with Esocialwiz?

  • You can manage unlimited social media accounts (i.e. multiple pages/accounts of Facebook and multiple Twitter accounts multiple LinkedIn account all in one dashboard)
  • It has an in-built Visual Composer, and you can use search among 1 million free stock photos on your post.
  • Unlike other competitors, it has no restrictions on things like usage, the number of linked accounts, and no in-app purchases.
  • You can post viral videos from YouTube.
  • Research topic that can also be used to post in social media.
  • One can increase factors like engagements, success, and likes.
  • You can schedule content on certain days or weeks in few minutes; thus, save your time on social networking sites.
  • You can find and post appropriate videos and content smoothly and easily.

As you sign up into Esocialwiz, you could see the dashboard with all the social accounts that you can connect. There are various tabs like Home, Schedule, Visual Composer, Streams, Stats, Research, and Support. You can make use of these tabs for various things. Let us go through the important tabs that are available for this tool.

#1 Scheduler

This tab is provided to help you in scheduling your message to the social media sites that you have connected with it. You can choose your desired time and date for posts in your social streams.

#2 Visual Composer

You can use this feature for creating beautiful image posts that too in simple and quick steps. It has various templates for simplifying your work.

#3 Social Streams

This part can be utilized to view and respond the streams of your connected sites like Facebook and Twitter directly. This feature could be a good thing for saving the time.

#4 Stats

This element could give you the statistics of the traffic to your websites from your social media campaign. You can view the statistics of the link performance. Usually, when we post something on social media, we often don’t utilize methods of tracking performance due to various reasons like no technical knowledge or a lack of budget. Both these problems are solved by the Esocialwiz tool.

#5 New Telegram Update

The recent update allows you to sync your Telegram account wherein user can upload a post to Telegram designed via Esocialwiz Visual Composer and share the same content on Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+ and other channels from your tablet or mobile devices.


BufferApp is a beautiful and standardized social media marketing tool for business growth. It is specifically designed for Twitter which allows you to add various tweets. Some of the important features are managing multiple social media accounts, schedule management, easy updates, and can be used as Apps, extensions and much more.

It has above 3 million users currently. You can use this tool to post all your social networks. You can manage all multimedia things like photos and videos using this social media management tool. You can make your own content like images using Pablo.


This is yet another tool for managing social media sites at one place. Some of the important features of HootSuite tool include social analytics reports, optimized delivery, employee advocacy, automatic content scheduling and much more. This tool is found to be the number one thing in social media marketing.

It supports multi-platforms like Web-based iPhone app and Android phone app. It has multi-factor authentication options when considered the factor of access control. By using HootSuite, you can manage things like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram, WordPress blogs and much more platforms. It can also manage accounts of third party apps like Flickr, MailChimp, Storify, Vimeo, and Tumblr.


The above are the individual features and specification of the three social media management tools. Esocialwiz is a new tool on the business landscape and it does show a lot of potential for agencies and brands looking to manage a lot of social media accounts. The other two tools have been in existence for quite some time and come at a premium price.

Assess all these three social media management tools and use the one best suitable for your business.



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