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F. Lux: Best FREE Glare Protector for Your Computer

With the rising number of cases of insomnia, there are a number of people who are being inclined to be nocturnal. Thus, they end up using their smart screens in the night.

Systems and Smartphone users tend to work in the night and the light emitted by the screens is piercing. Turning down your monitor’s brightness may help, but brightness isn’t really the main issue.

The color temperature is a cause of concern and that is generally trickier to adjust. Most of the computer screens emit cool bluish light that looks good in the daytime but becomes uncomfortable to look at in a dark room.

A software has been developed in order to combat the strain that is put on the eyes by the screens. It’s called F.lux and it is a free glare protector for your computer systems and smartphones.

So why not start working at an ease of not straining your eye? Here’s why.

5 Reasons to Download F.lux

Here are the 5 reasons why F.lux is the best free glare protector software. You should be using this with immediate effect.

#1 It identifies your longitude and latitude to manipulate the temperature.

F.lux asks you where you’re located in the world, then figures out the approximate sunset time for the location. As soon as it detects sunset, it will make the screen mimic nature, warming up the colors and blends in much better with the surrounding light. That ends up the screen that’s nice to look at.

#2 The software offers seven preset color settings

Lux has seven presets in Microsoft Windows that are used to change the temperature of the colors including halogen, fluorescent, daylight, Incandescent, Dim Incandescent, Candle as well as Ember. OS X has five namely candle, tungsten, halogen, fluorescent and daylight. The iOS version uses the same presets as the Mac version.

#3 The feature can be put to snooze for an hour.

The user also has the option of choosing a color preset or disabling F. Lux for an hour and returning the screen to its normal calibration. This gives the user an alternative shift between F. Lux presets and normal settings.

#4  It has a ‘Dark Room’ mode

Another new feature is the Darkroom Mode. Wherein the normal F. Lux effect just warms up the colors on the screen, Darkroom Mode completely takes over the display, shading everything in dark and reddish hues. Though this makes videos unwatchable at times, but also means you can probably use your computer at 3 am without using your night vision glasses.

#5 It has a range of colors from Ember to Sunlight

Since we all don’t work with the same ambient lighting, F. Lux free glare protector allows us to dial in a color temperature for night time. The color temperatures have been scaled in Kelvin notations (the SI Unit for color temperatures), along with having a range of colors that are used in the common language i.e. ranging from ‘Ember’ which is 1200K on the Kelvin scale to ‘Sunlight’ which is  5000K on the Kelvin scale.

The only limitation to this software is that during the process of watching a video it has to be disabled, which also happens to be a feature of the software though as it tints everything in the hue of red according to a particular preset.

Apart from this, everything else makes this free glare protector software a must installation for your device!

Note: The Download button takes you to the vendor’s site, where you can download the latest version of the software.

Download F.Lux Free

Once you have used it, tell us about your experience with F.lux, the free glare protector software.



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