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Are you arranging an event and want a fun, and easy activity to do on the side?  A photo booth with selfie frames and props might just be perfect!  They’re easy to organize, cheap, and adored by lots of people.  But what is so great about these products, and what events can they be used at?  Here’s a helpful guide from Where the Trade Buys to help you answer these questions.

Did You Know That Selfie Frames Can Be Used At Any Event?

Selfie frames can be used anywhere!  They’re a great, versatile project that can appear at family events, such as weddings, parties, or other special days.

However, they can also be used at business events, like at an industry exhibition, or just an event on behalf of your own business.  They add a casual and fun flair to an event, that might otherwise be considered dull by some.  Instead of risking your guests being bored, you can easily spice things up with selfie frames.

They’re Fantastic for Helping to Commemorate a Special Occasion

As mentioned before, selfie frames work great at both family events or business events.  But they don’t have to be used for just anything — they can be used for something specific as well.  For businesses, these selfie frames can help draw attention to your business and your team, as well as help you match names to business cards at the end of a long day.

For family events, selfie frames are a great way to create memories at your event, especially at something important like a wedding, or a family reunion that brings members together who haven’t seen each other in a long time.

They Look Great on Social Media

When you post the photos onto social media, during or after your event, they always strike well with an online audience.  For a business, they’ll give you more attention online, and they will most likely be shared by your event-goers to even a wider audience.

For families, posting your pictures with selfie frames will be liked by friends and family who either attended the event, or are just glad you had a great time.  People love to share these photos on Facebook and Instagram, and it’s a great way to relive the memories for yourself.

The Best Part?  They’re Affordable Entertainment.

You don’t have to come anywhere near breaking the bank to have selfie frames at your event.  For a business, they can easily be accounted for in a marketing budget, too!  They’re great for everyone, and make events shine a little more.



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