Global Warming Effecting Earth’s Shape

Global Warming
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Climate change leading to global warming is also impacting Earth’s shape, according to the Scientists from the University of British Colombia. The Canadian Arctic, one of the rapidly warming regions of the world, will begin to feel its effect sooner than others. Over the last 50 years, there has been 4 degree Celsius warming and glaciers will be flowing 100 times faster than now.

University of British Columbia’s Department of Geography assistant professor, Michele Koppes, did a 5-year study of the glaciers in Antarctic Peninsula and the Patagonia glaciers.

The study revealed that the glaciers in Patagonia were warmer and moved faster and caused more erosion than those in Antarctica.

Koppes said:

We found that glaciers erode 100 to 1000 times faster in Patagonia than they do in Antarctica. Antarctica is warming up, and as it moves to temperatures above 0 degrees Celsius, the glaciers are all going to start moving faster. We are already seeing that the ice sheets are starting to move faster and should become more erosive, digging deeper valleys and shedding more sediment into the oceans.

Glacial erosion rates are expected to increase with decreasing latitude, owing to the climatic control on basal temperature and the production of meltwater, which promotes glacial sliding, erosion and sediment transfer.



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